On the 23th of June, National Kissing Day will take place, encouraging all to appreciate the importance of a kiss and to spread the love.

The nation’s kissing antics have been investigated, revealing that young lovers in the 18 to 24 age group are making out an average of 11 times each week, while 5% of people aged over 45 are managing more than a staggering 31 passionate kisses each week! Who said that romance was dead?

There’s nothing more awkward than having your date finally lean in for that first kiss, and then being completely repelled by the stench that hits them as soon as they draw near.

Having bad breath is a common issue in both men and women and it needs proper attention. Having that perfect kiss won’t happen without a side of fresh peppermint breath on the side.

Smoking is a big issue when it comes to this issue. So why not start a fresh slate by switching to a minty e-cigarette or at least cutting back and only smoking one in the period close to your date?
Even though the tongue is the most common culprit for bad breath, other causes can be gum disease, bacteria building up on the tongue and gums or the more serious causes that may be affecting your breath like in your liver or your stomach.

In most cases, a good set of brushing, flossing and tongue-scraping will do the trick. However, if it still persists, make sure to visit a dentist. And do it a while before your date. You don’t want to send someone running for something you can’t control.

Take a look at some video guides on the best ways to solve bad breath, different routines you need to keep trying (like scraping the back of your tongue) to bring back that fresh, minty breath that will get you a kiss for sure!

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