Whiter teeth can give us all more confidence when meeting new people in our work and personal lives. We have put together some tips on how to improve the appearance of your teeth that are simple to do. Read on to see how you too, could have a brighter, whiter smile.




  1. Cutting back on things such as red wine, coffee and cigarettes is a great place to start, as they cause discoloration in your teeth. It will make a big difference, especially if you employ other teeth whitening strategies. If you have recently whitened your teeth at your dental practice, this will ensure the technique they performed will have the greatest chance of success and lasting longer.




2.  Visiting the dentist on a regular basis and having an appointment with the Hygienist or Therapist to have your teeth cleaned professionally will keep your teeth looking their best. Having your teeth cleaned will remove any plaque build up from your teeth and the Hygienist/Therapist will be able to keep an eye on your oral health and identify any issues that might arise. The combination of dental examinations and hygiene visits are the best way to look are your smile and keep it sparkling.



3. Using a whitening toothpaste may also help in maintaining your brighter smile. However, this is not a solution to be used by itself as it cannot bleach teeth, existing fillings and cannot remove stains.




4. Floss your teeth. This may not be pertinent to teeth whitening, but it is important to do this a least twice a day. Flossing removes particles of food, bacteria and helps to fight the build up of plaque. All of these can cause discoloration and stains.




5. Ladies can choose a red or dark pink lipstick. These types of shades can make your teeth appear whiter and brighter. Lighter shades of lipsticks bring out the natural yellow tones in the teeth and the appearance will result in them looking darker.



6. The ultimate procedure is Zoom In-Chair teeth whitening or Zoom Take-Home teeth whitening. These treatments are performed in our Plymouth practice by our therapist, Tom following a consultation with a dentist. Having this treatment and applying the tips mentioned above will give you that brighter, whiter and shinier smile you have wanted. Sometimes the small changes we make really can make a big difference.


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