I can honestly say the process was pain free

I have managed to go through most of my life without having any major dental treatment until last year when one of my teeth crumbled and fell out.

As it was at the top and a gap could be seen if I smiled, I thought I would go along the implant route.

Very nervous at the thought of an Implant

I was very nervous at first, as the procedure was explained to me. As I wanted something long term and didn’t want to go through repeated processes in the future, I decided on the implant.

At every stage of the treatment, I was advised of what was going on, what the procedure would be, and also when and what the next stage in the process would be.

The quality of care and the service received by all the staff in the dental practice was excellent. Everyone was very friendly and reassured me on all steps along the way

To get an implant is quite a long process as every detail is checked at each stage to make sure everything is right for when the implant is finally put in.

Process was pain-free

I can honestly say that the process was pain-free. There were times when I had to open my mouth for long periods but this didn’t seem too bad. I wouldn’t hesitate to have it done again.

I would advise anyone having the treatment to discuss any fears they may have about the process, as I found the dentist to be very honest in his reply and gave me the pros and cons of the procedure.

The finished result is excellent

The finished result is excellent and no one would know that the implant was not real from looking at it. It is good to be able to smile without having a gap in between your teeth and is a great confidence booster.

The treatment is quite expensive and takes time from beginning to end. However, the end product is worth the wait and the care provided at every stage was excellent.

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