Meet Kathy Wotton, one of our Dental Nurses at SpaDental Plymouth

Dental Nurse Kathy Wotton photo

Meet Kathy, our Dental Nurse, and longest serving member of staff here at SpaDental Plymouth.

Kathy has been a Dental Nurse for thirty seven years, and she has been with us for over fifteen years now.

Kathy is especially good with nervous patients as she has a calm personality. She quickly puts patients at ease.

Dental Nurses work closely with the dentist, and with the patient. Kathy’s experience is of great value. She loves the variety of her work, and most of all enjoys helping patients. Every day is different!

When she’s not at work, Kathy is a keen gardener. So if any patients would like some gardening tips, please don’t hesitate to ask her! Kathy also likes to spend time with her family and looking after her dog, Toby, and cat, Tiger.

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