The 45 second check that could save your life! SpaDental supports Mouth Cancer Action Month.

Mouth cancer quick check

45 seconds!

Do yourself a favour, and do a mouth cancer quick check now!

45 seconds is not very long out of your busy schedule to check for any changes in your mouth. These few moments could be the best thing you do today. A mouth cancer quick check COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE!

Look and feel for changes, no matter how small

Do this quick mouth cancer check regularly, so that you are familiar with how your mouth and face feels and aware if something does change.

Contact your Dentist

If you think something has changed or you are worried about an area inside your mouth, or on the outside, contact your Dental Surgery and make an appointment today.

Don’t delay! It’s always better to double check than to ignore the problem and hope it will go away.

SpaDental are promoting Mouth Cancer Awareness Month 2017. Your continuing good oral health is important to us.

Please contact us for any further information, or to make an appointment.

Further information about Mouth Cancer prevention:


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