We can help anxious patients feel comfortable

Updated February 2020

Are you anxious about going to the dentist?

Is someone you know so afraid of going to the dentist that they’d rather suffer in pain at home, than make an appointment with the nearest dental practice? Nervousness, anxiety, and fear are real emotions that people can experience when they have to have something done to their teeth. At SpaDental we understand and help anxious patients to feel comfortable.

What causes dental anxiety?

There are many good reasons why someone can be scared of going to the dentist. It may be:

Even a patient who is usually calm will feel some degree of anxiety about a treatment that may be lengthy and involve sharp instruments.

Whatever anxiety a person feels, it’s helpful when we can talk about.

What we do to help anxious patients:

Dentists are aware of how their patients feel

Dentistry has changed a lot since the days when dentists were associated with extreme pain. There are fewer extractions these days, and the focus is on preventive care.

However, there are still be times when patients need to have difficult or lengthy procedures. Young adults grow wisdom teeth, for example, that may need to be removed. Or teeth can be damaged in an accident and need to be replaced with implants. Fortunately pain management is much more effective now. Although some processes may be difficult, our aim is help you and make sure that you feel confident and calm.

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