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Not feeling quite right? We can trust our local pharmacy to help.

stay well - campaign for local pharmacy care

Our local pharmacy is here to help us to be well and stay well!

If we need a prescription filled, or we’re wondering which over the counter medicine to buy, we go to our local pharmacy. But actually they are able to do a lot more to help us stay well. 

When we think about how many times we walk past your local high street pharmacy, it makes sense to trust them for advice and help.

They’re local, we don’t need an appointment and their door is nearly always open!

Moreover, they are health professionals, with a wealth of information and up-to-date pharmaceutical knowledge that can make the difference between feeling well, or ending up ill at home feeling miserable. In addition, they can help us manage a range of medical needs.

Here are some of the services that a local pharmacy may offer:

Pharmacy teams want to help us to stay well. So it’s worth finding out more about what our local pharmacy can do to help.

Suffering from toothache? A local pharmacy can help with short term pain relief, but be sure to contact the dental surgery to make an emergency appointment.

SpaDental practices leave slots open for emergencies every working day, and fill them on a first to request basis, so it’s a good idea to call early!

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