What’s the best way to use my electric toothbrush?

Here’s a helpful answer to one of our frequently asked questions.Patients ask how do I use my electric toothbrush - picture of a woman using one. Our patients often ask, “How should I use my electric toothbrush?”

In the video below, Tom Wardiell from SpaDental Plymouth explains the best technique, to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your investment.

The key advice that Tom shares is:

What’s the best way to use my electric toothbrush?

Tom demonstrates the best technique:

The advantages of going electric

If you need to change your toothbrush, consider investing in an electric one because:

Ask your nearest practice for advice

We’re here to answer your questions. For your convenience, our practices have a stock of dental care products available for you to buy at competitive prices. If you’re interested in going electric, we can help you to make a good choice, We are happy to give guidance on how to store and use your new brush too.

There’s a huge range of dental products on the market these days, and it’s easy to make costly mistakes. Dental professionals are good people to ask for advice and we’re happy to help out!

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