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Knocked out tooth? What do I do?

Accidents happen, we all know that. And they can happen so fast. Unfortunately, a knocked out tooth is a common consequence.

Amongst all the first aid tips and tricks parents need to have up their sleeve, it’s good to know how to save teeth. Don’t wait until there’s an emergency, read on now, so you’ll know what to do if you ever need to know.

There are three things to think about:

Prevention first!

We all want to be out and about, doing things. Perhaps the kids are running around in a place they don’t know well, or they’re riding bikes for the first time,  or trying some new moves on a climbing wall.

But it’s not just children who lose their teeth! It happens to adults too. There’s a tackle that’s closer to the goal post than you thought, a turn on a skateboard not practised in ten years or a wheelie on your daughter’s bike.

The accident happens – how to respond.

What’s it like?

It’s possible to replant a tooth that has been knocked out, so long as it’s not too damaged. Usually baby teeth aren’t replanted though. The thing is to find the tooth, protect it and get dental assistance as soon as possible.

Knocked out tooth?

First aid tips to remember:

How can my dentist help later?

Your dentist will try to save the tooth, and so long as there’s not too much damage the process can be successful.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

In a dental emergency, acting quickly can help save the tooth!

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