A shout out to everyone! Good dentistry makes our world a better place!

Thank you to everyone who is working to keep us healthy!

Our dental teams help to make our world a better place. Good dentistry is one of the huge pluses of our modern age! A life free from dental pain (any pain) is a life worth living! And a great smile helps too!
good dentistry - coloured drawing of team work for May 1st.

Dentistry, along with all health care, is a vocation.

In the heart of everyone that enters the profession, is the idea that we can help people to achieve better health.

At the forefront of every dental practice, we have the dentists. If you like, they’re the lead act. They’ve studied for years, and committed their lives to their chosen profession. Moreover, their knowledge and practice has to be kept current, so that means studying as well as working. An ‘off-day’ can’t happen – every day has to be a dentist’s best day.

Yet they don’t work in isolation. Every dentist is aware that s/he is only as good as the team.

Our teams are terrific!

The Lion King wouldn’t be roaring on stage without a whole team that puts the show together! Everyone in each practice plays a vital role! It’s true that the main applause goes to the lead players, but without the supporting cast, the backstage crew, the stage managers and the support staff, there wouldn’t be a production at all!

It’s the same in a dental practice. Think of each dental appointment and the number of people who make the magic happen. Patients see the dentists, therapists, hygienists, dental nurses, and receptionists. But supporting them, there are also team members in management, finance, computer and dental technology, hygiene, cleaning, building maintenance and communication. Everyone is working to make sure that our patients get dental treatment that meets their needs and expectations.

So here’s a shout out to the whole SpaDental team!

It’s a great day to applaud everyone working in our SpaDental practices.

Good dentistry makes our lives better!

Our patients think we’re doing a great job too!

You’re welcome to contact us at anytime with suggestions, or for further information about our practices.

If you’re interested in working in public health you can learn more about it on the NHS careers in health page.

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