Every Mind Matters on World Mental Health day.

every mind matters shows a man with a roller coaster in the top of his headToday the NHS  launches a focus campaign Every Mind Matters, because “there is only One You!” The new initiative is launched today, 10th October, on World Mental Health Day. The aim is to help people maintain good mental health.

We’re often told we need to look after our physical health – eat better, exercise and so on. But we don’t pay much attention to our mental health. In particular, we don’t take steps to improve or safe-guard it. The message is that we should.

What is the Every Mind Matters campaign?

Public Health England is campaigning to raise awareness of how we can look after the well-being of our mind, in the same way as we’re encouraged to look after the well-being of our body.

The campaign responds to the realisation that over the last twenty years, there’s a 20% increase in the diagnosis of mental health concerns that impact on normal everyday life.

A survey of adults in the Midlands, shows that over 70% of the group experienced at least one of the following conditions:

These four conditions all impact on quality of life and, if they are not recognised, can become serious.

Every Mind Matters also offers advice on:

We’re encouraged to answer the key question:

“How do you handle life’s ups and down?”

Professor John Newton, Director of Health Improvement at Public Health England, said:

“With the pressures of modern life, it’s normal to feel stressed, anxious, low or have trouble sleeping some of the time. But when these become overwhelming or frequent they can be signs of a more serious problem.

“It’s just as important to take action to look after your mental health, as your physical health. Our campaign helps you to protect and improve your own mental health, and help the same.”

Can the dentist help?

Being aware and taking action are crucial. Once you’re aware that you need help with stress, anxiety, feeling low or not sleeping, then seek professional help from a mental health expert. Also, if a friend or family member is having difficulty, then encourage them to talk to someone who’s trained to help.

Your dentist can, however, offer additional support. For example, stress can lead to tooth-clenching or jaw-locking. Your dentist can fit you with a night shield to relieve the pressure of your bite. This can be a great aid to better sleep, as well as protecting your teeth and jaw.

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