It’s good to have a plan, a dental care plan.

Do you want to access the best dental care, but you’re worried about bills? These days, there are a range of ways to pay for private dental treatment so private dental care is more accessible than you may think. Ask your dentist about joining a dental care plan to pay for treatments in monthly instalments. It’s a worthwhile investment that will keep on giving back to you over the years.
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What are the advantages of healthy teeth?

As time goes by, our teeth age too. But effective ongoing dental care means that our teeth will function better for longer.

A healthy mouth means:

Moreover, a healthy mouth contributes positively to our confidence and appearance.

Patient expectations have changed.

These days we all want healthy teeth, that look good too.
There are two aspects of care provision to consider:

Private dentistry can help you get the best dental care.

Private dental care opens up a range of treatments. We recommend patients discuss and plan treatments with a dental professional to learn what sort of smile you can realistically expect, and at what cost.

Your dentist will help decide which SpaDental Plan is best suited to your oral health and care needs.

SpaDental offers patients the chance to get the best dental care at reasonable prices.

SpaDental Plans vary from practice to practice, so contact your nearest SpaDental practice to find out how you can access the best treatments and spread the cost.

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