Smiles for life – make a Children’s Day appointment.

SpaDental Chard, Plymouth and Whitchurch can help your children to have the best teeth they can possibly have. So why not book a Children’s Day appointment during half-term?

Updated February 2019

Our friendly staff are organising fun activities and waiting to see brilliant family smiles!

Please note:

What’s special about a Children’s Day appointment?

We’re focused on our young patients.

SpaDental believes that patient care begins as soon as you walk through the door. Patients, whatever their age, should feel relaxed and comfortable. Children can feel anxious visiting the dentist, and may also pick up on signals from nervous adults. This is why we hold special days for children’s appointments. We’re able to create a safe, happy environment for them to feel at ease. Their next trip to the dentist will be easier.

However good the oral hygiene routines are at home, there is nothing like having a check-up with a dental expert who can offer tailored advice.

What’s the procedure for a child’s dental check-up?

Before the Children’s Day appointment, be sure to send a positive message:

During the appointment:

The dentist will tailor both treatment and advice specifically for your child’s mouth, such as:

We encourage you to book the next appointment as you leave the surgery. And back at home, be sure to follow up on the dentist’s advice.

In addition:

We want children to have great teeth for life.

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