Bite-sized fun facts about tigers’ teeth

International Tiger Day aims to raise awareness of the decline in tiger numbers around the world. As tigers are an endangered species, this special day celebrates the important work done to conserve tigers and their habitats. An additional but important factor in helping tigers to survive is, of course, their magnificent tiger teeth!

What can we learn from tigers and their teeth?

Tigers are magnificent hunters, and their teeth are designed to catch, kill and consume their food.

During two minutes of tooth-brushing time this evening, here are ten tiger tooth facts to chat about:

We’re lucky to have toothbrushes and pastes! If we brush our teeth twice a day for at least two minutes each time, we can keep our teeth healthy, so we can bite and chew our food comfortably!

Caring for children’s teeth

All SpaDental practices are dedicated to preventive care.

To support government initiatives to improve children’s dental health, four SpaDental practices are currently registering children as NHS patients without having to join a waiting list first:

A parent or guardian simply needs to call the practice to make an appointment.

Our private practices offer advantageous rates for children who attend the dentist with their parents.

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