I’ve got yellow teeth. What do I do?

26th November 2019 | Posted by: SpaDental Administrator

What’s the most common complaint we hear from patients who are not in dental pain? They’re usually concerned about their yellow teeth!

If you’re concerned about the colour of your teeth, be reassured that healthy teeth are a wide range of lighter tones of yellow, brown and grey. The natural colour of teeth is not white. Even the brightest shade of an untreated tooth is more cream than white, and changes with time.

These days, we have safe, cost-effective and simple solutions to help improve the tone and appearance of yellow teeth.  All you have to do is ask your dentist to examine your teeth to determine the cause and severity of your staining. Then we can tailor a treatment plan to correct the problem, usually starting with the most minimal treatment.

Tanzy Cronshey demonstrates tooth whitening

What causes staining?

General surface staining of teeth tends to be caused by smoking, oral hygiene or certain food and drinks. Staining which is more deeply embedded under the tooth surface is less common and forms a deep grey discolouration. It can be the result of trauma or even some medications.

What solutions are available?

Visit the hygienist

Mild surface staining caused by diet or poor oral hygiene can be treated instantly by simple scaling and polishing of the teeth by a professional hygienist.  A simple scale and polish can make a huge difference compared to toothpaste bought over the counter and may avoid the need for further treatment. Even smokers find that regular oral hygiene visits help to stay on top of stain build-up.

Tray whitening with bleach

An effective way to improve the appearance of yellow teeth is to bleach them. Although high-street or online products may sound like a good deal, they often make little difference, or sometimes cause damage. So it’s a good idea to talk to your dentist before you try tooth whitening DIY.

Take cover with veneers

When tooth brightening doesn’t work, the solution may be veneers. Especially when a tooth has suffered trauma, covering the damage with a carefully matched veneer is a sensible solution. To place a veneer, the dentist removes a fractional layer of enamel. It is a more invasive and expensive resolution than bleaching. It’s best to use a trusted dentist who knows you and your smile if you have veneers

How can I prevent yellow teeth?

Review your life-style choices:

Review your oral hygiene regime:

What next ?

Get in touch with your nearest SpaDental practice for a consultation:

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