My filling fell out! What do I do?

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It happens. There’s that moment when you’re chewing something and you start to wonder. What’s that? What’s in the food? And then you manage to spit out whatever it is (discreetly, because you can be sure it will happen at a meal when good manners matter). And, sure enough, you know your filling fell out. You’re certain because your tongue goes straight to the yawning hole left in your tooth.

What do I do now?

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What can I do about my toothache until I can see my dentist?

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Advice from Dr Graham Barnby BDS, DGDP, RCS – Clinical Director of SpaDental

“When you lose a filling in a tooth, you can use a temporary filling material to tide you over. This will reduce pain when eating and stop the tongue exploring the cavity. Choose from a range of filling materials available at pharmacies. They are all like a soft putty that hardens in the mouth.

Before placing the material into the cavity, dry the area with a cotton bud to increase retention of the material in the tooth. Roll the filling material into a ball and place it in the tooth using finger pressure to mould into the cavity. This will then harden and reduce pain from hot and cold food until you get to the dentist.”

Please remember that these fillings are only temporary. Where your filling was, bacteria could be doing more damage. Make an appointment to visit your dentist as soon as possible.

Why do fillings fall out?

What will my dentist do as my filling fell out?

“Kind, understanding and efficient – With a lost filling and tooth-ache I was given an emergency appt earlier in the day. After an Xray it was decided to remove the tooth due to infection and damage. This was my decision based on information given.” SW – a SpaDental Chard patient

“Emergency appointment – I lost a filling and was given two options by my dentist – either have the molar extracted or have a crown fitted. I went for the 2nd option and am very happy with the result!” MB – a SpaDental Plymouth patient

How do I stop it happening again?

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Views on amalgam fillings are changing. New legislation is regulating the environmental impact of all mercury.

“Having a filling – I was greeted really well as I went in the room by both the dentist and dental assistant. I was told everything that was going on and felt totally at ease from start to finish. No pain at all. Even the injections didn’t hurt. Would highly recommend this practice.” AL – a SpaDental Plymouth patient

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