1/11 people are diabetic – World Diabetes Day 2020

The aim of World Diabetes Day is to raise awareness of the challenges of living with diabetes, as well as helping people to reduce their chance of becoming diabetic.

“In the UK, nearly five million people live with diabetes. This is twice as many as 20 years ago. For the 36,000 children and young people living with type 1 diabetes, it can make childhood a painful, frightening place. Type 2 diabetes is growing rapidly. With two-thirds of us overweight, the threat of it affecting you, or someone you love is real.” (Source: Diabetes UK)

The World Health Organisation infographic below shows the increase in diabetes around the world. A staggering one person from every eleven has diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes is on the increase

A cause for concern worldwide is that the age for diagnosis with type 2 diabetes is getting younger.

In the past, type 2 diabetes was a condition that adults got. A problem that developed with age. A problem often associated with weight gain and even called “adult-onset diabetes”. Yet, in just three years the RCPCH reports a 41% rise in the number of people under 25 diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

Diabetes is serious

Diabetes can have a severe impact, and even cause premature death. Given the serious condition diabetes is, it may seem trivial to talk about teeth. But many people who suffer from diabetes become very uncomfortable, mentally as well as physically. They suffer unnecessary pain because of the deterioration of their oral health.

As dentists, we are concerned about the general health of our patients. We’re also concerned about the effect that health problems have on the teeth and soft tissues of the mouth. People who have diabetes, especially if blood-sugar levels are not consistently maintained, are more likely to suffer dental health issues.

Oral health concerns people with diabetes are prone to include:

Here are a few tips to help prevent gum disease:

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