Our top dental blogs from 2020

This year the messages we’ve needed to communicate have been a bit different to usual. Reviewing our top dental blogs helps us to know what matters to you. Not surprisingly, top of the list for the extraordinary year of 2020, is information to help people with dental emergencies.

So here’s a quick summary of this year’s top dental blogs.

Our aim is to provide useful information for our patients, and also for anyone who has questions about their dental health. We also write about general health because it affects oral health too. The posts below are those that our readers looked at the most over the year.

Five SpaDental top dental blog topics

#1 – Emergency dental help

Our advice about what to do if a filling falls out is our most read post attracting attention around the world.

This year, while dentists were closed in England and other countries, people have had to resort to placing their own temporary fillings. Fortunately our post included information to help with that too.

The other problem patients experienced during lockdown, was the pain of an abscess. Fortunately our triage team was able to help with remote advice and, if necessary, prescriptions.

Also, with access to dental care limited, a popular new post has been our advice to help patients understand the different classifications of emergency, urgent and routine dental treatments. Some dental problems are time sensitive, such as a knocked out tooth, so it’s good to know when you need to get to an emergency facility as soon as possible.

#2 – NHS dental charges

In 2020, NHS charges were frozen for six months, and were only increased in December. Our updates to NHS fees and explanation about what is covered in each band, is read by people across England.

Although not all SpaDental practices hold contracts to offer NHS care to patients, some of them do. If you have a NHS registration with a dental practice, it’s important to make sure you attend a practice regularly and don’t miss appointments.  You can find out more here:

#3 – Dental care for children

Stressing the importance of preventive care is a tenet of dental professionals. Educating children is a good place to start. Our website blogs on animals are surprisingly popular. We have information about the teeth of: elephants, lions, turtles, even squirrels. But this is our most popular:

#4 – Oral hygiene

Usually, high on the list of topics our readers are interested in, is information to help combat bad breath. However, this year interest fell. Was it because we couldn’t go out and meet people? Or perhaps it was because we’ve been wearing masks for so long? We hope, though, that the reduced interest in bad breath is because we were at home more and didn’t have to stick to such busy schedules we were able to spend more time brushing and flossing our teeth! If so, we hope the habit will continue once Covid-19 restrictions are lifted.

Instead, we have seen an increased interest in hand-scaling, as patients want to find out why their hygienists can no longer offer ultrasonic scaling.

An old favourite is still popular though. This one helps readers to understand why interdental brushes come in different sizes, and how to use them effectively:

#5 – Choosing a dentist

Many patients are asking for a “dentist near me”. Of course, choosing a good dentist is important, and this post helps readers to make the right choice for them.

Visitors to our website are usually looking for a reliable dentist in their area. Our sincere thanks to our current patients who take the time to write reviews after their appointments. We really appreciate your positive feedback.

What are our most asked questions?

Our short summary of the top dental blogs begs the question, “Do patients have different questions when they visit the practice?”

They do! We are most often asked about the following popular cosmetic treatments:

Whatever your question or your need, our SpaDental teams are on hand to help you! Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Sincere best wishes to all of our readers for a happy and health new year!

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