Dreams about teeth? We can help.

Dreams are the mystery of our subconscious. It’s surprising how many people have dreams about teeth breaking, crumbling or cracking.

Sometimes it may be just one tooth falling out, that’s a common dream. Or perhaps an enormous hole opens up that makes it look, in the dream, like Durdle Door. Some people dream about all their teeth crumbling and falling out of their mouth, other people may dream about just one cracking or breaking.

We expect you’ll agree, any dream about losing our teeth is always going to be a bad dream, a nightmare even. Moreover, during the stressful times we’ve been living through for the last year, more people are reporting that they are experiencing unsettling dreams about teeth.

Is there any truth in our dreams about teeth?

Our subconscious uses our teeth as symbols that crack, crumble or break under pressure. Dream interpretation experts link the bad things we imagine happening to our teeth to our various worries or fears, whether real or imagined.

For example, a missing tooth may be a lost job, or missed opportunity. A hole in our tooth may represent a painful loss. Crumbling teeth can symbolise our fear that our life is falling apart and there’s nothing we can do to help it stay together. Whatever our type of dream, we can usually identify an association with something in our real life.

These bad dreams about teeth highlight the emotional importance we attribute to our teeth. They are an integral part of ourselves, and even if perhaps we don’t give them all the TLC they require, we miss them when they’re gone.

Teeth and our self-esteem

We may not realise quite how much we link our sense of identity to our teeth. It makes sense though, when we consider a simple act like looking in the mirror. Most of us give ourselves a smile and check our teeth, even if it’s just to make sure there’s no spinach stuck there.

Consciously, or subconsciously, in our waking life we connect healthy-looking, straight, bright teeth with positive attributes such as: confidence, physical and mental well-being and even financial stability.

So it’s no wonder we often process unsettling events happening in our lives, or our worries and fear, through dreams about damaged or lost teeth.

Healthy teeth promote positive associations

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