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Emergency and Urgent Care

Emergency - man in pain

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As dental practices gradually open for face-to-face appointments after the coronavirus lockdown our Advice and Triage service continues to play an important role.

Currently our services are still restricted to meet urgent care needs. To enter the practice in-person, patients must be screened in advance of an appointment being made, to ensure that we can help you. To make an appointment you will be asked questions by the triage team.

If you have a dental problem

To help our patients we have established a dental advice and triage service to assess patient needs by phone or video link. We offer appropriate advice, information about analgesics and antimicrobials. If necessary, a dentist will make an appointment to see you, or organise a referral to an urgent dental care hub.

Please fill in the form below and send it in.  One of our team will respond to you as soon as possible.

If you require urgent care, practice phone lines are also open during working hours. Out of hours, a recorded message offers advice.

Scroll down to find out further information, email and phone contacts for practices.

Emergency care information

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