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NHS appointments for children

To encourage effective preventive care from an early age, children under 18, and as young as possible, can visit the dentist at no cost to their parents.
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SpaDental Saltash (formerly the Fore Street Dental Practice) offers dental treatment to the local and wider community. Our focus on high quality preventive care helps you to benefit from cost-effective dentistry.

“Excellent treatment as always. I can’t fault the service.” – a SpaDental Saltash patient

SpaDental Saltash prioritises preventive care

The SpaDental Saltash team is dedicated to helping patients maintain a healthy and comfortable mouth. Whatever your age or dental history, we have a range of treatments to suit.

We encourage regular visits to the dentist and dental hygienist to support good oral health practices at home. When patients see their dentist often, any concern can be treated before it becomes a problem that requires more challenging, more expensive treatment. Therefore, scheduled visits to the practice definitely save time and money in the long run.

Please note: Due to the difficulty of recruiting dentists willing to deliver NHS treatment, we are only able to accept new  teenagers and adults as private patients.

If you contact our reception team, we recommend you become a private/plan patient so that you are able to receive dental care without having to wait for too long. Many patients choose to become SpaDental plan patients to spread the cost of regular dental care. Contact the practice to find out more.

We offer a full range of treatments

Our expert team will always take time to explain options and choices available to you. We believe it is important to be clear about what is involved in any dental work, whether it’s the cost or the challenges involved in the treatment. This way, we can help you plan the procedures you need, as well as the treatments you may wish for to enhance a healthy smile.

From routine examinations and hygiene services to restorative and cosmetic treatments, SpaDental Saltash can help you smile with confidence.

Patients often ask about:

For your convenience, your Saltash dentist offers:

To find out how we can help you to maintain or achieve a great smile, get in touch with your Spadental Saltash dentist.

Please contact us on 01752 841789 or

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To read more from the Saltash practice’s current activities, events and offers, follow the practice’s Facebook page.

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