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Dental Examinations at Whitchurch

For a well-maintained mouth

By seeing us regularly, not only when you have a dental problem, we can swiftly spot any issues and treat them before they get worse. This preventive approach helps to maintain the long-term health of your mouth and avoids the need for more involved, costly treatment. A healthy mouth will also benefit your overall well-being, as poor oral health has been linked to serious conditions such as heart disease and strokes.

During your dental examination, we will enquire about your general health, ask if you have had any problems since your last appointment, and check for the following:

  • evidence of tooth decay
  • overcrowding
  • how your teeth bite together
  • jaw joint problems
  • tooth wear
  • signs of gum disease
  • signs of oral cancer

If we do spot anything, we will let you know exactly what treatment will involve, how long it will take and how much it will cost.

After we have thoroughly assessed your mouth, we will also advise you when you should come back to see us again. Generally, this will be twice a year, but the frequency of your check-ups will depend on the condition of your teeth.

Looking after little teeth

We encourage you to bring your children for check-ups, as growing teeth need regular attention to ensure they stay healthy and problem-free. Baby teeth start to appear when your child is around six months old, so this is the ideal time to bring them for their first visit.

To help make things easier, we hold special Children’s Days, dedicated to the youngest members of your family and run during the school holidays. This means you can bring your children to see us for an examination without worrying about them missing any lessons!

Children’s Days

Check out our Offers & Events page to find the next Children’s Day at your local Spa Dental practice.

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September, 2021

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