An opportunity too good to miss

The advantage to working with a company like SpaDental, is that we’re big enough to offer exciting opportunities and central support, but small enough to value individuals and be flexible.

If you see an opening on this page, or you simply want to let us know you’re interested in a position if something comes up, please fill in the initial application form on this page.

Our hiring process

Hiring is an on-going process until we make an appointment. We recommend making an early application.

Job offers are subject to DBS and reference checks.

We invite qualified overseas dentists to get in touch too.

SpaDental is aware that talented dentists from around the world would like the opportunity to work in the UK.  We are actively inviting applications from overseas qualified dentists seeking employment in England.

We look forward to hearing from serious applicants and helping you with the application procedures.
Our aim is to guide and support candidates so they can work with us in the UK.

Read more about how to apply here

We respect your personal information

As part of any recruitment process, SpaDental collects and processes personal data relating to job applicants. SpaDental is committed to being transparent about how it collects and uses that data and to meeting its data protection obligations.

Join SpaDental Group:

SpaDental Group has been supporting independent dental practices for over fifteen years.

Each SpaDental practice celebrates its own unique character, ethos and patient profile. Yet each practice also benefits from the professional support and guidance offered by the SpaDental Group Head Office. This means our dentists and dental staff can dedicate themselves to the work they trained for.

Dental practices that are part of something bigger.