Cosmetic Care

Have you noticed some discolouration? Are your teeth not as straight as you’d like? Or does it bother you that when you smile, your old amalgam fillings show? These days there are excellent dental cosmetic care treatments available at accessible prices. If you want to improve your smile, and thereby your overall appearance, it’s a good idea to ask your dentist how to do it.

Creating a positively different smile

Whether you think a slight tweak will be enough, or you want a total transformation, our cosmetic dentistry treatments can transform your smile. Whether it’s effective tooth whitening, straightening, or natural looking veneers, we offer a variety of treatments all delivered using the most up-to-date techniques within a safe clinical setting.

Not sure which dental cosmetic care treatment would work best?

Why not book a private consultation with your dentist?

Your dentist is the best person to help you decide which treatment, or combination of treatments, will be best for you. Trained in assessing not only teeth, but the frame of your mouth and face as well, your dentist can offer advice that will optimise your overall appearance. Your dentist will help you to plan which treatments will suit your budget as well as giving you the best result. For example, before applying veneers, the dentist may suggest Invisalign to space out your teeth first, thereby preserving more of your natural tooth structure. Or, if you need a dental implant, then a whitening treatment may help you to achieve a fresher look too.

Our aim is to help you to understand the options open to you so that you can realise your best smile. At SpaDental we offer alternative ways to pay for treatment, making dental cosmetic care treatments more readily affordable.

At SpaDental, we understand that you, our patients, need to ask questions to understand the ins and outs of any dental procedure you’re considering. Please don’t hesitate to contact us or ask in your local SpaDental practice for further information that will help you to decide which dental cosmetic care treatments are the best for you.

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SpaDental clinicians are registered with the GDC.
Wherever you decide to have cosmetic care treatments, make sure that your practitioner is properly qualified to perform the procedure you’re having.