Preventive Care

Keeping a smile on your face!

Do you want your mouth to feel comfortable? Your teeth to look good? Your gums to be healthy? Having a healthy mouth is integral to our general health and overall feeling of well-being.

At SpaDental, therefore, we encourage our patients to attend their practice regularly to minimise any future need for difficult and costly treatments.

The common vision that links the philosophy of all SpaDental practices is our belief in preventive care. Our dedicated professionals will help you to maintain or improve your oral health with regular examinations and sound advice.

How your dentist supports dental preventive care:

In routine dental examinations your dentist will:

If you do need further treatment, we offer a full range of solutions. Your dentist will discuss and plan your treatment with you, ensuring you are well informed of your choices, payment options and time frames.

How your dental hygienist or therapist supports preventive care:

SpaDental practices offer direct access to hygiene appointments, which means:

Regular visits to the dentist are best.

Time goes by quickly. If you can’t remember when you last went to the dentist, then it’s time to give your nearest SpaDental practice a call! One important aspect of our patient care is our planning for future appointments, and follow-up with courtesy reminders. Don’t leave it until toothache is your reminder!

Learn more about how our payment options support your dental care.

Preventive dental care is fundamental to good oral health, and regular visits to your dentist can help you to have great teeth for life.

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