Preventive Care

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Do you want your mouth to feel comfortable? Your teeth to look good? Your gums to be healthy?

The standard of care at SpaDental never varies, whether you require standard NHS or private treatment. Our team of dedicated professionals will help you maintain or improve your mouth care regime with regular examinations and sound advice.

In routine examinations, we monitor existing dental work, we see if you need any further treatment, and check the health of the soft tissue in your mouth. If you do need further treatment, we offer a full range of solutions. We also recommend that you see the hygienist who can professionally clean your teeth. Your dentist will discuss and plan your treatment with you, ensuring you are well informed of your choices, payment options and time frames.

We encourage you to see us regularly so we can monitor your oral health, treat any problems that may arise and let you know the best way to care for your mouth and teeth. And we suggest you make appointments for your family members too, as we cater for all ages.


Wotton CQC report quotes patient: 'very good' practice and 'first class' treatment

SpaDental's Wotton practice receives glowing CQC report, second for the SpaDental group. CQC quotes patient: "very good" practice and "first class" treatment. The CQC's summary is: People who used the service were given appropriate information and support regarding their care or treatment. One person we spoke with had been using the practice for three years. They said that

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My friends and family all comment on how good I look...

I would recommend Scott to anyone, I have always been pleased with the results of my treatments. My friends and family all comment on how good I look, without knowing what I have done!
Jacqueline L

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Treatment by Scott improved my confidence...

I came to Scott for treatment 3 years ago and have been coming ever since. I trust him because he has always been honest and not pushy. My treatments have always helped me feel good about myself and helped improve my confidence.
Suzanne R

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