Associate Dentist opening to meet the needs of our growing Whitchurch practice.

18th May 2018 | Vanessa Giraud

SpaDental Whitchurch is delighted to announce that we have an opening for a part-time Associate Dentist. Key information about the Associate Dentist opening at SpaDental Whitchurch. The position of Associate Dentist is part-time. The Associate Dentist selected will work each Wednesday, and probably one Saturday a month. Candidates must be GDC registered, and hold an…

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More Plymouth patient appreciation for SpaDental – thank you!

17th May 2018 | Heather Cresswell

Since we piloted the online feedback form for Plymouth patient appreciation or dissatisfaction with our practice, we’ve had over 300 responses. Thank you so much for taking the time to submit your views. Our review rating of 4.7 stars (out of 5) highlights Plymouth patient appreciation for the work we do. We’re smiling with pride,…

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Join our team! SpaDental Ledbury recruits dental nurse to start mid June.

16th May 2018 | Vanessa Giraud

Contact us if you’d like to be considered for the full-time position of Dental Nurse. Apply now to join our team of dedicated professionals. SpaDental Ledbury recruits dental nurse to join our well-established dental practice offering competitive hourly rates in a supportive, friendly environment.  The current working hours are: 08:30 – 13:00,  14:00 – 17:15,…

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Dental health during Ramadan – some useful tips.

15th May 2018 | SpaDental Administrator

Your teeth may not be top of the list of things you’ll think about in the month of Ramadan. But it’s a good idea to keep them in mind, plan a routine, and know what to do in an emergency. You’ll want to keep up your dental health during Ramadan. As opinions vary on what…

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National Smile Month 2018 creating healthier and happier smiles.

14th May 2018 | Vanessa Giraud

National Smile Month 2018 runs from 14 May to 14 June and is promoted by the Oral Health Foundation. The message of the month is: “Improving oral health by creating healthier and happier smiles.” We agree with that! A smile is the most universally recognised human facial expression. Did you know: It’s not possible to fake a…

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National Children’s Day UK champions a healthy childhood.

13th May 2018 | Vanessa Giraud

Sunday 13th May, 2018, is National Children’s Day UK #NCDUK2018. “National Children’s Day UK is all about the importance of a healthy childhood in order to ensure that they can grow into healthy adults.” SpaDental couldn’t agree more! Dental health matters! We all want kids to have a healthy childhood. And we think it’s never too young…

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Get full disclosure of gum disease dangers.

10th May 2018 | Vanessa Giraud

We’ve all heard about plaque, and know we don’t want it. Read on for full disclosure of gum disease dangers that threaten both our oral health and our general health. What are the recognised dangers of plaque build up? tooth decay periodontitis tooth loss heart disease diabetes stroke rheumatoid arthritis What is dental plaque? It’s…

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Let’s encourage our kids to bike to school every day – safely!

9th May 2018 | SpaDental Administrator

Today is national bike to school day. There was a time when most children either walked to school, or cycled. Nowadays many young people are not getting the exercise they need to develop healthy, strong bodies. Teenagers who bike to school benefit from the routine of regular exercise built into their day. Why is it…

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Caring for children’s dental health in Shropshire.

8th May 2018 | Vanessa Giraud

Spadental Whitchurch is helping children’s dental health in Shropshire. We believe it’s important! We think children’s dental health matters! Good habits learned early make a difference! Children learn good oral hygiene at home. But they also need to get used to going to a dentist for check-ups. It’s pretty traumatic when a child’s first experience…

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Dentist urgently needed! Find emergency care in Plymouth.

7th May 2018 | Vanessa Giraud

There are times when people need a dentist urgently. It may because of bleeding, trauma to the mouth, or swelling of the face or neck. We can help! Are you near the South Devon – Cornwall border?  If you need a dentist urgently, SpaDental Plymouth can help. Perhaps you’ve moved recently and haven’t managed to…

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Wotton CQC report quotes patient: 'very good' practice and 'first class' treatment

SpaDental's Wotton practice receives glowing CQC report, second for the SpaDental group. CQC quotes patient: "very good" practice and "first class" treatment. The CQC's summary is: People who used the service were given appropriate information and support regarding their care or treatment. One person we spoke with had been using the practice for three years. They said that

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My friends and family all comment on how good I look...

I would recommend Scott to anyone, I have always been pleased with the results of my treatments. My friends and family all comment on how good I look, without knowing what I have done!
Jacqueline L

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Treatment by Scott improved my confidence...

I came to Scott for treatment 3 years ago and have been coming ever since. I trust him because he has always been honest and not pushy. My treatments have always helped me feel good about myself and helped improve my confidence.
Suzanne R

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