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Your opinion matters to us! Below are a few of the testimonials written by you our patients.

We would appreciate it if you can take a few moments to fill in the Friends and Family Form.

Would you recommend us to members of your family, or to your friends? We hope that you will, and would love to hear your comments! Likewise, if you have reservations, we would like to hear those too, as we take your opinions seriously. We use feedback from you, our patients, to help us to develop our service to meet your needs and wishes!

More Plymouth patient appreciation for SpaDental – thank you!

Since we piloted the online feedback form for Plymouth patient appreciation or dissatisfaction with our practice, we’ve had over 300 responses. Thank you so much for taking the time to submit your views.

Plymouth patient appreciation shown by grandmother and young girl with missing teeth.

Dental care for all the family.

Our review rating of 4.7 stars (out of 5) highlights Plymouth patient appreciation for the work we do.

We’re smiling with pride, and happy that you’re happy!

Here are two recent reviews:

Fantastic experience – I was on the NHS waiting list for over a year before I was allocated SpaDental.  Lucy and the team are very welcoming and friendly and made me feel at ease. Any work done was discussed and explained properly and I couldn’t recommend them more. The reception staff are just as welcoming and friendly, and I feel like the wait was worth it to have this great team looking after me.”  Mr B. C.

Happy with SpaDental – cant say enough about the practice, I have waited nearly two years for a dentist through a bad experience which left me nervous and embarrassed. The treatment I received is second to none – from the receptionist right through my treatment to the hygienist.”  Ms A. W.

But… both patients had to wait to be registered.

It’s true that NHS waiting lists are long. One patient says she waited nearly two years, the other over a year. At SpaDental Plymouth we take about 50 adult patients a month from the NHS waiting list. We appreciate that it can mean a long wait and that patients may not be allocated to the practice they would like to go to.

In keeping with current NHS initiatives to improve children’s dental health, we do accept children through direct application to SpaDental Plymouth.

An important reminder:

If you are registered with us as an NHS patient, then please take care to keep up your registration. Due to the high level of patients wishing to receive NHS dental treatment and the very long waiting lists, we have no choice but to de-register patients who have not attended for two years or more.

Check list for staying on the NHS dental  register:

  • Make sure you visit your dentist regularly (and don’t leave it for longer than two years!). 
  • Attend all your appointments or cancel well in advance. 
  • Always book your next appointment before you leave the surgery. 
  • Keep your contact details up to date. 

Why not consider private dental treatment?

There are affordable ways to access private dentistry so that you can have the care you need when you need it. Please contact us to learn more.

Thank you to our patients in Plymouth for showing your appreciation!

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Nervous patients in Plymouth reassured

Our dental surgeon Lucy Smith is expanding her list, so nervous patients in Plymouth can feel confident they will receive sympathetic, effective treatment.

One of Lucy’s patients had this to say:

“I am extremely nervous/phobic when visiting a dentist. This was my first visit to SpaDental – I can honestly say I couldn’t have been looked after better! From the receptionist to the nurse, to the dentist (Lucy) and the hygienist, everyone was so kind, gentle and caring. Nothing was rushed, everything explained and reassurance given in bucket loads by everyone. I walked out feeling confident that I will be cared for and given the very best experience possible and thoughtfulness to my fear at all times. I’m not saying that I will overcome my fear but I feel confident that everyone will do all they can for me and to help me. Thank you for all your care!” J

Patients who experience anxiety sometimes need an extra level of care.

Lucy believes in taking time so anxious patients don’t feel rushed. She also establishes meaningful communication about their feelings  which makes a difference. Moreover, Lucy has also taken on additional studies so she can deliver intravenous sedation.

nervous patients in Plymouth - photo of mentor for IV sedationAfter completing her training course in Yorkshire, to further her clinical skills Lucy travels to North Devon every Thursday to work alongside dental surgeon Rhys Gabe, at the Torrington Dental Practice.

Rhys’s special areas of interest are sedation and restorative dentistry. He performs over 1,000 sedations a year, to help patients with extreme anxiety access the treatment they need. An expert in the field, he willingly shares his expertise with other dentists around the country. As a mentor, Rhys enables more dentists and clinicians to offer conscious sedation.

Not all dental surgeries can offer IV sedation. But sometimes it is the only way for patients who need a deeper level of pain management to receive treatment.

Lucy Smith will be able to offer IV sedation to nervous patients in Plymouth from May.


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Thank you all for the feedback we’re getting in response to our online Family and Friends recommendation forms.



Nervous of dentists? We can help.

Many people are nervous of dentists, and at SpaDental we believe it’s our job to reassure you that you’re in safe hands.

All of us at the Plymouth practice would like to thank Hayley for stepping out in front of our video cam to talk a bit about what’s it’s like to be nervous of dentists, and how she feels after a visit to her dentist.

Nervous of dentists? Our dental surgeon Lucy Smith helps nervous patients.A vote of confidence from Hayley

Hayley says: “I was recommended to SpaDental by a friend because I’d explained I was really, really terrified of going to the dentist and I hadn’t been for four years. I was really concerned about my dental health, to the extent it bothered me every day.”

Hailey looked at the website for SpaDental in Plymouth, and arranged an appointment with dental surgeon Lucy Smith. Lucy’s focus of professional interest is helping patients who are nervous of dentists.

“I am extremely scared, untrusting, nervous of dentists.”

Hayley’s words resonate with many would-be patients. People who have not been to the dentist, like Hayley, for four years, or a lot longer. People who are nervous of dentists.

Although dentistry has changed, it has not totally shed its image. As dentists, we believe in helping our patients understand oral health to prevent painful tooth problems and invasive treatments. But some people still harbour a genuine and deeply rooted fear of dental treatment. Our job is to help people to overcome their nervousness. Hayley explains in her video how her dentist helped during her last visit. She felt she had a voice, that she could communicate and let her dentist know if she needed a break. But she didn’t. Her dentist was reassuring and delivered as promised.

Hayley says her treatment was a “wonderful experience!”

And what higher praise can you get for a dentist than that?!

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My Invisalign journey – a patient experience.

SpaDental patient, Laura tells us about her Invisalign journey and how it’s going:

Laura’s Invisalign journey is easier than she’d expected!

“I’ve always been paranoid about my front teeth. Whenever I went to smile I had my hands over my mouth, and I never felt confident in photos. I didn’t think I could do anything with them. And I was over the moon when my dentist suggested it.”

Laura began her Invisalign journey with SpaDental Plymouth’s dentist Diana Marcus.

Laura talked about her treatment so far: “Because Diana [Marcus] and her nurse Kathy explained each step in great detail, I knew what to expect. Diana fitted my first set of aligners and made sure I was able to put them in and take them out. They were a snug fit and I felt a slight pressure but it wasn’t at all painful.

A week later I returned for a review with Diana. I explained I was getting used to taking them in and out to eat and clean my teeth. Although I’d thought it would be difficult to manage, it just became routine. I quickly forgot I was wearing them.”

Already Laura can see results!

“When I started my No.2 set of aligners in November, I was sure my teeth were already looking better. Then at the beginning of December, I switched to the No.3 set. I was going out for a few meals with friends and thought my Invisalign would be a problem, but actually no one noticed. I could slip them out easily and I carry a toothbrush and a small mouthwash with me so I can freshen up before I put them back in.

Just before Christmas, my daughter came in while I was cleaning my teeth and said, ‘Wow, Mum! Your teeth are looking really straight!’

When I saw Diana again in January she really noticed a difference in my teeth. She’s happy that everything is going well and gave me sets 6, 7 and 8 to change at home.

I must admit, I can really see a difference already.  Even with them in, I’m smiling more now than I have in years!”

invisalign journey with SpaDental - woman using alignerWe’re very happy our patient is so positive about her results even while she’s still on her Invisalign journey! We can’t wait to see her smile when the treatment ends!

“Invisalign helped my confidence,” our smiling patient says!

We’d like to share with you a really positive testimonial from one of our SpaDental Whitchurch patients. He recently finished his Invisalign treatment and feels confident with his new smile.

Invisalign treatment testimonial ‘When I was young I had metal braces and I didn’t want to have them again when most people my age don’t. I’d heard Invisalign treatment was convenient and wouldn’t affect the way I looked at all, so it sounded a good choice.  I work in a customer focused job and I can tell you, nobody noticed! During and after the treatment, Invisalign helped my confidence.

My dentist took time to explain the course to me so I felt I understood exactly what would happen. When I was ready, he gave me three packs of clear braces. These you change yourself on an agreed date which means less time at the dentist. This was so convenient for me! At first I felt my speech was a little different but it was more of a psychological issue as I knew the braces were there, but after a few days I forgot and spoke normally.

The thing I liked most was that I had control over the braces! I could take them out to eat, brush and floss. That’s something you don’t get with fixed braces. This really helped with my confidence during the treatment.

Using Invisalign was an easy and painless experience which has boosted my confidence enormously. I would recommend Invisalign because I have the smile that I wanted without having to go through any pain.’

(NC – Patient at SpaDental Whitchurch Shropshire)

Contact your surgery to find out about our consultation offers.

Invisalign treatment is a popular choice for both men and women, and is being used more often with teens now too.

It’s also great for athletes and musicians who may find traditional braces interfere with their performance or comfort.

Learn more about our experienced Invisalign dentist, Mr Vipul Jindal.

Friends and Family Form – Thank you for your positive feedback! SpaDental Whitchurch Shropshire

Friends and Family Form positive feedbackWhen you visit the surgery, please pick up and fill in a Friends and Family Form from the reception desk. We ask our patients to fill these in so that we can learn what you think about your visit to the surgery.

We really appreciate it when our patients fill in the Friends and Family Form, as we believe that your feedback is important.  Knowing what you think helps the practice plan and develop to meet your needs and expectations.

We read all of your comments carefully and take them into consideration when we’re planning for the future of the practice.

Every month we submit your responses to the NHS. The Friends and Family Forms are just one small check on the service and level of care that we provide. We think it’s an important one. Your opinion matters to us.

Over the last few months, we have been commended for:

  • the good standard of care we offer,
  • the cleanliness of our premises,
  • our good time keeping for appointments, and
  • the polite, helpful manner of our staff.

Our dentist is also singled out for his care and recognised for his high level of competence. Dr Vipul Jindal has worked in hospital and dental units across the UK, and his particular area of interest is orthodontics.

After a first appointment with us, one of our new patients who “usually felt like a nervous wreck” remarked that in our surgery s/he had managed to stay relaxed and calm throughout both the visit and the treatment.

We really appreciate your positive comments! Thank you!

We are all happy to read your positive remarks! Whether it is the greeting you receive, the cleanliness of the premises or the high standard of dental care – your good opinion of the service you receive matters to us.

Next time you’re visiting, please fill in a Friends and Family Form!

We appreciate your comments!


Big thank you to SpaDental for the tooth whitening kit I have been lucky enough to win

I would like to say a really big thank you to SpaDental for the tooth whitening kit I have been lucky enough to win.

It is something I have been thinking about doing for a while and to win it was a brilliant surprise.

The service I have received has been second to none and I’m really excited to see the results

Thank you so much!!


My lines have disappeared!

wanted to have the anti-wrinkle treatment because I felt the lines on my forehead were really visible and quite deep.

I decided not to have any treatment around my eyes at this stage as I feel this is where my expression comes from.

Since having the treatment, I can see the fine lines on my forehead have noticeably reduced and I now don’t have to give a second thought about my forehead I am so happy with the treatment I have received from Stephen and the communication from the team has been great throughout the visits I have made to SpaDental Plymouth.


A massive thank you to your Plymouth team

I would just like to say a massive Thank You to your team. I had a completely pain free complex root canal (which is a first for me!) today as an emergency appointment and the team genuinely could not do enough for me.

Alex and his clinical team were gentle, communicative, completely unhurried and clearly cared hugely about my welfare. This enabled me to make an informed decision about treatment.

Most of all, however, I would like to thank Kath who went completely out of her way to help me and saved me literally hundreds of pounds in the process – totally above and beyond the call of duty.

Top notch health care and the best dental service I have ever been on the receiving end of.

Please pass on my thanks to all the team.

I could not be happier with the end result

Hands with violet flowersI felt I could not let the opportunity go past without recording my sincere gratitude for all the time, effort and work that has gone into my dental implant treatment recently.

I spent a long time deliberating on whether to go forward with the treatment, both for the cost implications and indeed being brave enough to see it through.

I only wish that I had reached my decision a long time before and saved myself the anguish as I could not be happier with the end result.

My implant looks so natural and feels totally amazing, it has given me the confidence I use to have back and made me feel far happier in myself.

Please pass on my sincere thanks to all the staff concerned in the process.