Skin Care

It may surprise you to learn that the best person to ask about your skin care is often your dentist!

For a relaxed look

During a consultation with your dentist, you may ask about skin care treatment. Your dentist can explain the different methods that are available from a medical professional to enhance the appearance of your skin.

As we age, fine lines and deeper wrinkles appear which a dentist has the skill and ability to smooth over. Dentists have expert knowledge of how the structures of our face work, and are well qualified to deliver the kind of care that helps maintain a youthful, fresh appearance.

Please note that some products used to smooth skin are prescription only medications. For the treatment to be safe, it must be prescribed by a qualified medical professional.

Skin smoothing treatment consultation

A dental professional can help you with correct and up-to-date information about the range of treatments that can enhance the appearance of your skin and explain their effects.

During your consultation you may ask your dentist:

  • How do you reduce the appearance of fine lines, creases and wrinkles?
  • What kind of treatment will help my skin appear younger?
  • How long will it be before I see a result and my skin looks smoother?
  • How long will the effect last?

Looking after your smoother skin

If you have any treatment to enhance the youthfulness of your skin the noticeable effects will start to wear off after a few months. Maintaining a fresh, younger look requires regular consultations and advice from your dentist about how best to proceed. Moreover, to protect the youthful appearance of your skin it is important to avoid sun damage. Ensure you follow a good skin care routine at home too.