Children’s Dentistry

childrens teeth plymouth shows a green dinosaur with a tothbrushSpaDental practices regularly hold Children’s Days to support children’s access to oral health care. Practices with an NHS contract offer appointments for children funded by the NHS. Our private-only practices offer affordable examinations and dental care plans for children. You can use our contact form to find out more information.

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Looking after little teeth

Click here to read the BSPD leaflet – A Practical Guide to Children’s Teeth

We encourage you to bring your children for check-ups, as growing teeth need regular attention to ensure they stay healthy and problem-free. Baby teeth start to appear when your child is around six months old, so this is the ideal time to bring them for their first visit.

To help make things easier, many of our practices hold special Children’s Days during the school holidays. This means you can bring your children to see us for a check-up without worrying about them missing any lessons!

The practical guide to children’s teeth published by the BSPD is an excellent resource to help you care for your children’s teeth as they develop.

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Children’s Days

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SpaDental News has informative articles about children’s dental health, as well as information for the whole family.

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