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Treatments at the Chard practice

Chard treatments at a glance

Gentle care for nervous patients

We understand that some patients need additional support to feel comfortable at the dentist. Our clinicians can help you move on from previous experiences that have made you anxious so that you accept dental treatment.

With care, humour and a light hand, our team ensures you feel relaxed and confident.

Safe tooth whitening – professional treatment that will not damage your teeth or gums

Done well, lighter coloured teeth look youthful, cleaner and brighter. However, some whitening products may damage tooth enamel and scar gum tissue. So please ask a dentist about safe tooth whitening.

After carefully assessing your dental health, our qualified dentists can prescribe and supervise the use of bleaching gels. It’s well worth paying a professional to make sure that your teeth and gums are not damaged by unsuitable products. Moreover, the gels a dentist has access to actually make a noticeable difference to the shade of your teeth.

Mouth guards – protection against damage to your teeth

There are two types of guard that help to protect teeth. Sports guards, often called gum shields, protect vulnerable teeth against knocks and falls. Night guards protect both the teeth and jaw from the damaging effects of tooth clamping or grinding, helping to relieve both pain and stress.

Custom-made guards, rather than the cheaper boil and bite variety, ensure the guard is not only comfortable and therefore more likely to be worn, they also offer the best fit for its purpose.

Direct access to hygiene services – reduces the cost of maintaining good oral health

couple both with brown hair smilingOften patients are confident their dental health is good, and simply wish to get their teeth professionally cleaned to keep it that way. At SpaDental, it’s not necessary to see the dentist first, and appointments can be made directly with the hygienist, which saves both time and money.

While appointments with the dentist are still necessary, with direct access to hygiene, many patients find they need fewer. Great advice from the dental hygienist really helps care for teeth and gums.

Your dental health is our priority.

At SpaDental Chard in Somerset, we take pride in being able to offer a range of dental treatments tailored to your individual needs.

Our team of experienced clinicians will always take time to discuss treatments and outcomes with you. We believe that it is important you have all the facts you need to make informed decisions about your dental care. Therefore one of the team is always available to answer your questions.

Our treatments

Patient care begins as soon as you get in touch with us. We offer a comprehensive range of family care from standard oral hygiene and routine maintenance, to treatments that restore and enhance your teeth so they function well and look attractive. Please read more about the options we provide in the links below.

Paying for your SpaDental Chard treatment

An important part of treatment is open discussion of fees. As part of the treatment plan, we provide a payment plan. Our team will discuss different payment options with you. Whether you prefer to ‘pay as you go’, opt for structured monthly payments on our SpaDental Essentials or Care plan, or prefer a finance plan, please ask if you need further information or you have questions.

We are passionate about your dental health.

The SpaDental Chard team is dedicated to helping you to achieve your optimum oral health and dental confidence.

Contact us to learn more about SpaDental Chard treatments.

SpaDental Chard was formerly the Springside Dental Practice.