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Nervous Patients at Chard

“I was really scared after bad treatment somewhere else. I told the staff this and they could not have been more patient or kinder. I have to go back for a little bit of treatment in the future and I am not at worried. They’re the best!” EC – a SpaDental Chard patient

Easing your concerns

Dental anxiety can range from mild apprehension about attending a check-up, right through to a serious phobia, which can make even just sitting in the dentist’s chair an extremely difficult experience for sufferers.

We are very sympathetic towards patients who may feel nervous about visiting the dentist and aim to make appointments as relaxing as we can. We have plenty of experience in dealing with anxious patients and helping to allay their fears.

“My dental experience was fantastic. Very nervous patient and the dentist was very kind, understanding and patient” – a SpaDental Plymouth patient

If you are particularly worried, some of our practices offer sedation, which can help you feel completely relaxed about receiving treatment but still allows you to communicate with the dental team. Following treatment, you will also remember very little about the procedure.

A fear of the dentist can lead to complete avoidance of appointments, but it is vital to see your dentist on a regular basis to maintain good oral health. If you attend routine check-ups, we can swiftly spot any problems and treat them before they get any worse. This will also avoid the need for more complex treatment.

Worried about your appointment?

If you are concerned about receiving dental treatment, when you contact the practice to book an appointment, please let them know your concerns. We’ll let you know how we can help.

“I need to undergo a series of appointments and as someone with a dental phobia I have let my teeth get into a bad way but the dentist, hygienist and all other staff here have done their best to reassure me, give me all the information I needed at each step and made me feel as relaxed as possible. I don’t dread going back for my next appointment which is big step forward.” – a SpaDental Plymouth patient

Indicative Treatment Fees

New patient clinical examination (dentist) including 1/2 x-rays if needed£90.00
Clinical examination (dentist) excluding x-rays if needed£52.50
Routine hygiene£90.00
Composite filling from£135.00

…. more indicative Treatment Fees

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