Restorative Care

Has a broken tooth from a sports accident been bothering you?
Has part of your back tooth fallen away because of an old amalgam filling?
Or perhaps you’ve had a tooth missing for a while, and you do mind the gap.

Dental accidents and time take their toll on our teeth, but restorative care can put a smile back on our faces.

“I had a new crown fitted. It fits perfectly and actually looks better than the original! For the first time in months I can use my teeth on that side of my mouth without discomfort.” CT – a SpaDental Plymouth patient

Restorative care for effective solutions

From time to time, we develop problems with our teeth and our mouths that only a dentist can solve.

During a consultation with your dentist you have the opportunity to discuss the dental concerns that are troubling you. After a thorough examination of your mouth, your dentist can explain treatment options available to you, and propose a treatment plan that outlines the expected procedures, costs and time-frame.

A dentist’s knowledge, experience and skill is key to achieving the most effective restorative care.

What is restorative care?

Restorative treatments bring our mouth back to optimum oral health. Feeling ‘dentally fit’ is so important.

For many of us, the journey begins with the pain of toothache or trauma. Sometimes a dentist will offer immediate relief from the symptoms, and in addition recommend a longer course of treatment to really solve the problem. For example, an extraction can quickly remedy a toothache, but ideally should be followed up with further restorative work to replace the missing tooth and fill the space.

Bleeding gums are also a sign, one we often ignore, that we should visit a dentist. Early intervention can help restore gum health and save teeth that may fall out if left untreated.

Our dental health impacts on all areas of our life, from eating a meal in pain-free comfort to feeling confident. It’s true that we learn to live with our teeth the way they are, for better or for worse.

Nowadays, however, there are effective solutions that can restore the functionality and aesthetics of our teeth,

Recent advances in dental technology have improved restorative treatments so dentists can often restructure even quite badly damaged teeth using composites and crowns. Moreover, if a bridge or a denture is necessary, modern materials make removable appliances more comfortable and more natural-looking than in the past.

Dentists are kind

These days, dentists are considerate and thoughtful. They do not judge. While we may feel embarrassed by the condition our mouth is in, the role of a dentist is to help us feel comfortable again.

We advise anyone in pain or discomfort to visit a dentist as soon as possible, to find a solution and live pain-free.

Benefit from restorative care

Dental restoration not only improves our speech, facial definition and smile, it helps our general health as we are able to chew more easily. In short, dental fitness enhances our general health and overall feeling of well-being.

Restorative care solutions are often more straightforward, less costly and not as time-consuming as you may expect.

A healthy mouth is definitely a worthwhile investment.

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