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SpaDental practices welcome enquiries from new patients. Our reception team is always happy to explain how we can help you to access quality dental care.

Located in the west of England, in a band stretching from Shropshire, through Gloucestershire and Somerset, to Devon’s border with Cornwall, all of our practices offer a wide range of dental services to private patients.

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Private dental care

An increasing number of patients are opting for private dental care these days. Patients cite the advantages of:

SpaDental practices offer different ways to pay for private care. Many patients opt to pay for treatment as it happens. Others prefer to join a tiered payment plan that spreads the cost of care across the year.

A new private patient appointment

You may wonder why a first appointment costs more than a standard dental examination. Your first visit to your local SpaDental practice is longer than a regular dental check. This is to enable us to assess your mouth thoroughly and ask about your general well-being. We may also want to take x-rays to reveal hidden problems and get an accurate picture of your teeth. During a full examination of your teeth, gums and jawbone, we look for dental problems, such as cavities and gum disease. We also check the surrounding soft tissues for signs of oral cancer.

We take the time to listen carefully to your concerns and aspirations, so your ongoing care will be specially tailored to your unique dental needs. After a full assessment, we suggest any treatment that might be necessary and talk through cosmetic options if you are hoping to spruce up your smile. At that stage, your dentist will draw up a treatment plan, outlining the timeframe and the cost.

Direct access to a dental therapist

Your first private appointment can be with a dental therapist, or hygienist.

As a private patient, it is possible to make an appointment with a therapist or hygienist, without making an appointment with a dentist first.

Moreover, it’s worth noting that a dental therapist is qualified to carry out an examination on your teeth, gums and the soft tissue of your mouth. A therapist can spot (and often treat) minor concerns before they become problems. If a therapist identifies a concern outside their scope of practice, you can be referred to a dentist.

A therapist can plan and deliver treatment to range of treatments to support your oral health needs. Therefore, it is worth considering making an appointment directly with a dental therapist, where this option is available, as it is more economical.

NHS dental care

While all SpaDental practices see private patients, four practices, SpaDental Chard, SpaDental Plymouth, SpaDental Saltash and SpaDental Whitchurch hold contracts to deliver a limited amount of NHS funded treatment.

Dental care for children

We encourage the registration of babies, children and teenagers as new NHS patients in support of government initiatives to improve the dental health of young people. However, due to increased registrations children may need to join a waiting list.

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Further information for new patients

SpaDental understands patients’ needs differ and preferences are unique.

All our staff are well-qualified professionals. Our focus on our patients means you will feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible during your visits. We encourage you, our patients, to discuss freely your choices and decisions. We are able to offer a comprehensive range of affordable treatment options to meet your dental needs.

SpaDental Head Office supports the individual practices in the group, which eases the administrative load. Dentists and staff are enabled to focus wholly on patient care and maintain the highest of standards.