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Treatments at the Tewkesbury practice

Caring for the whole patient

Because we believe that good oral care is central to good health, we always have your well-being in mind. Our team is able to offer a wide range of dental treatments to help you to maintain your optimum oral health.

“New patient – I was very impressed with the high standard of the dental practice. The reception staff were very polite and informative about the dental plan. The nurse and dentist provided a high standard of care. The dentist outlined the treatment I required and this was reassuring. I was able to book an appointment for treatment without delays. The level of service is worthy of a 5 star rating.” LA – a SpaDental Tewkesbury patient.

From hygiene appointments that will help to keep you teeth and gums healthy, to cosmetic treatments to enhance your smile, we are confident that you will be smiling. Please browse through the information below.

When planning treatments, the team takes time to discuss different resolutions or options with you, so that you understand fully what the dentist will do. The team also explains carefully the costs that are involved and methods of payment. We help you to find dental solutions that will suit your needs, your lifestyle and your budget.

Patients also ask about:

“Courteous, helpful and professional. Dental and hygiene staff very professional also offer good advice concerning treatment, ongoing care and maintenance etc.” LL – a SpaDental Tewkesbury patient

Paying for your dental care

While many patients are happy to pay for treatments as and when they need them, including their check-ups, other patients opt for a monthly payment plan. The SpaDental Essentials Plan covers the cost of regular routine care, and many plan patients find that being on a plan helps them to be diligent about attending both dental and hygiene appointments regularly, and achieving better oral health.