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Essentials Plan Fees, Tewkesbury

SpaDental Essentials is a tiered payment plan.

It covers preventive appointments, helping you to take care of your essential needs.

SpaDental Essentials covers those aspects of your dental care that are vital for maintaining good oral health. It focuses on prevention, covering your regular check-ups (including routine x-rays) and hygiene appointments.

If we discover your teeth need some extra care and attention, this plan also includes a discount for routine restorative treatments, such as a filling or a crown.

1 + 1  includes:
– one examination (including x-rays*);
– one hygiene appointment; and
– 10% off restorative treatments.
£11.23 per month
1 + 2  includes:
– one examination (including x-rays*),
– two hygiene appointments and
– 10% off restorative treatments.
£16.59 per month
2 + 2 includes:
– two examinations (including x-rays*);
– two hygiene appointments; and
– 10% off restorative treatments.
£20.26 per month
2 + 4 includes:
– two examinations (including x-rays*);
– four hygiene appointments; and
– 10% off restorative treatments.
£31.50 per month

* The price includes routine bite-wing x-rays, taken every 2-3 years. There is a charge for additional x-rays.

The SpaDental Essentials plan offers supplementary insurance, which features worldwide dental injury and dental emergency cover.

SpaDental Essentials is a payment plan provided by DPAS woman holding apple care plan fees SpaDental

The range of dental payment plans is designed to meet a range of oral health needs and budgets. After an initial assessment, the dentist will decide which plan best suits your requirements.

A message from DPAS about preventive care:

“Generally, plan patients have healthier mouths than their pay-as-you-go counterparts because they attend the practice more regularly, so any issues are spotted earlier and treatment provided quicker.”

If you would like to learn more about the SpaDental Essentials payment option offered in your Tewkesbury surgery, contact us.

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From 16th June, 2022

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