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Treatments at the Plymouth practice

Your dental health is our priority.

At SpaDental Plymouth we take pride in being able to offer a range of dental treatments tailored to your individual needs.

Whether you need our outstanding NHS dentistry or our affordable private dental care, our treatment coordinators are available to help develop a treatment and payment plan for you. Our team will discuss possible procedures and outcomes so you have all the information you need to be able to choose your best option. Our treatments range from standard oral hygiene therapy and fillings to treatments such as crowns, bridges, dental implants, invisible braces and facial rejuvenation. Please read more about them in the links below.

We are passionate about your dental health.

We want you to leave the practice with a smile on your face that says it all!

“I’m currently having Invisalign treatment, thanks to advice from my dentist. The staff have been extremely helpful and knowledgeable from the start. I’m halfway through my course of treatment and the difference is amazing already. I’ve smiled more in the last few months than I have in years. I’m just so much more confident to show my teeth now.” A happy patient!

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