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Mouth guards at Chard

Safeguarding your teeth

If you enjoy playing contact sports, your precious teeth may be at risk of damage or even being knocked out, but we can provide a custom-made mouth guard/gum shield to help keep them safe. These are produced in a laboratory from a tough, pliable material and, as they are created from impressions taken of your teeth, they fit securely and comfortably.

It is vital to wear a gum shield designed just for you to keep vulnerable teeth properly protected. Shop-bought gum shields of the ‘boil and bite’ variety do not provide adequate protection as they don’t fit as snugly.

You can also wear a specially designed gum shield over a fixed brace, keeping both your teeth and your orthodontic appliance well-protected.

How they help

  • Fit teeth precisely for superior protection
  • Protect against damage to the teeth, neck and brain
  • Help to avoid the need for more complex and costly treatment

Looking after your mouth guard

Rinse your gum shield after each use and occasionally wash in cool soapy water to keep it clean.

It’s a good idea to bring your gum shield to your routine check-ups so we can make sure it is still fitting properly and in good condition.

As they are still growing, children and young adults will need their gum shields changing more frequently.

Indicative Treatment Fees


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