High praise for Lucy Smith and Maria Shrigley, Plymouth.

13th September 2018 | Posted by: Heather Cresswell

Dental Surgeon Lucy Smith and her assistant Maria Shrigley are helping anxious patients to manage dental visits more easily. High praise for the team!

We know that it can be hard for people to come in to see the dentist.

Lucy Smith Plymouth Dentist helping anxious patientsHere’s one message:

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your care at my recent dental visit. Lucy, I know because of your care and attention to my needs I feel so much better attending an appointment for treatment. I feel so much more confident because of you. I am still a nervous wreck but I know you will look after me, reassure me and help me through all aspects of my treatment. Although still a shaking bundle of nerves, I have never walked out of a dentist feeling as relaxed as I did. Thank you everyone at the surgery, you are all so supportive and kind but especially you Lucy.” JB

And another message:

“My son has sensory needs and autism. He had work done today which involved injections and obviously work in his mouth- one of his trigger areas. He was very brave, managed his anxiety attacks, and did it. Our dentist Lucy was amazing, as was the nurse Maria, reassuring him, talking him through it, taking the time he needed. Together they have built confidence and trust, never show any frustration, only positivity, always putting him first. Can definitely recommend. The team are fantastic at making you feel comfortable. I’ve been a patient since my teens and am now 40, my kids (18,12) have known no other dental surgery.”

dental nurse maria shrigley helping anxious patients

Helping anxious patients is an important part of a dental team’s work.

Dentists want to help their patients and understand you.

There are many reasons why someone can be anxious about going to the dentist.

It may be:

  • the memory of a previous experience or personal trauma
  • an expectation that it will hurt
  • the clinical environment – just the sounds and smell of the dentist’s room can be a trigger

If you are an anxious patient, or you care for a person who has dental anxiety:

  • let the reception team know when you book the appointment
  • remind the dentist when you go into the surgery
  • be clear and open about any particular triggers that may upset you

On the topic:

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High praise for Lucy Smith and Maria Shrigley, Plymouth.

Dental Surgeon and her assistant are helping anxious patients to manage dental visits more easily. High praise for the team! We know that it can be hard for people to come in to see the dentist. Here's one message: "I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your care at my recent dental visit. Lucy, I know because of your care and attention to my needs I feel so much better attending an…

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