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It’s the end of January. How’s your year so far?

31st January 2018 | Vanessa Giraud

There’s been quite a few posts on our website and social media, as well as media news in general, encouraging us to do all sorts of things that will improve our relationships, our health and our life. Has it all been too much? Now it’s the end of January, it’s a good time to take…

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Our new surgery is now finished and ready for our patients

29th January 2018 | Heather Cresswell

After a tough couple of weeks for Dan Barnes and his team from DSB Maintenance and the SpaDental team in Plymouth, the new surgery is now finished and is looking absolutely fantastic. We are all thrilled with the outcome, and smiling as much as we like our patients to! Before – the old surgery The…

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Maria Shrigley – Trainee Dental Nurse

29th January 2018 | Heather Cresswell

Meet one of our new trainee dental nurses – Maria Shrigley. Each year we enjoy mentoring trainee dental nurses. We believe that their professional development also impacts on out learning and development as a dental practice, keeping us on our toes. When we have trainees, we have to spend time discussing our procedures and practices….

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You asked where our staff have gone – here’s the answer!

28th January 2018 | Vanessa Giraud

  Feedback on the whereabouts of the Plymouth team! Since we started emailing you, our patients, after your appointments, we have been overwhelmed with the fantastic reviews we have been receiving. Thank you all so much! One comment we picked up on was a remark on the turnover of our nursing staff and reception team…

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A sneak peak of the new surgery in Plymouth

26th January 2018 | Heather Cresswell

Here’s a sneak peak of our new surgery following our refurbishment by DSB Maintenance. We’ll do the big reveal on Monday but in the meantime, take a look at these pictures! Isn’t it looking great?   Those with an eagle eye may have noticed the little smile above the “S” in SpaDental logo is missing. …

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In the light of shocking statistics about child tooth decay, what can we do?

26th January 2018 | Vanessa Giraud

Statistical evidence that excess sugar is destroying our children’s teeth is shocking. Tooth decay is 95% preventable. “Tooth decay is the number one reason for child hospital admissions”  Mick Armstrong, chairman of the BDA This should not be the case. What is the government doing to fight tooth decay? The NHS allows children and young…

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Our surgery refurbishment is nearly ready for our patients in Plymouth

25th January 2018 | Heather Cresswell

We have cleaned and tidied and started to fill our new cabinetry today in preparation for when we can start to use the new surgery. Dan Barnes and his team have just a few more little jobs to complete and then we are ready to go! Read previous posts about our surgery refurbishment: Time for a…

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Just the finishing touches and we’ll be ready!

24th January 2018 | Heather Cresswell

It has been a hard couple of days for Dan Barnes and his team from DSB Maintenance but we are very nearly there now. The cabinetry is installed along with the new dental chair. The roof has been fixed by K N Roofing, so now its a case of tidying up, cleaning and stocking our lovely…

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We all want whiter teeth!

24th January 2018 | Vanessa Giraud

From off-white to darker shades of yellow, there’s a wide range of natural tooth colour. But it seems that all we want these days is a whiter smile! Check out the shelves of your local chemist or supermarket and you’ll marvel at how many products there are now that promise whiter teeth. And as we…

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Rain will not stop play! Plymouth refurbishment.

23rd January 2018 | Heather Cresswell

Tuesday Morning It has poured down all day but Dan and his team from DSB Maintenance have pulled out all of the stops to ensure we try to get up and running as soon as possible. This was good news this morning. This was the corner that was affected by the small leak, but as…

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This leak won’t dampen our spirits in Plymouth

22nd January 2018 | Heather Cresswell

We’ve had a slight little set back over the weekend. A leak from the roof has slowed work when we thought we would be using the newly refurbished surgery today, but never mind. These things are sent to try us. The roofing repairs are happening tomorrow so hopefully tomorrow we will have good news.    …

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‘Catch it. Bin it. Kill it.’ How to deal with flu bugs

22nd January 2018 | Vanessa Giraud

The NHS campaigns every year to help prevent the spread of flu. Vulnerable people are offered free flu jabs by the NHS, but what about the rest of us? The NHS says: ‘Catch it. Bin it. Kill it.’ Which makes sense as germs can be caught before they’re spread on to someone else. It’s good to…

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Plymouth surgery refurbishment is near completion

21st January 2018 | Heather Cresswell

Sunday sees the majority of the cabinetry now in place and completing the smaller tasks. Dan and his team from DSB Maintenance are working hard to complete the surgery.                   Previous Posts: Time for a change at SpaDental Plymouth What a difference a day makes: Day two…

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Fun facts for tooth brushing time. It’s squirrel day!

21st January 2018 | Vanessa Giraud

It’s a fact: children love learning new things, and have a huge appetite for snippets of information So be sure to let them know that today is Squirrel Appreciation Day! This day was first recognised in North America, as it’s a time of the year when tree squirrels can have a hard time finding food….

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Early evening at Plymouth on Day 6.

20th January 2018 | Thomas Wardiell

Evening is closing in at the end of Day 6. The flooring is done. Now we’re waiting for the cabinets to be fitted Dan Barnes and his team from DSB Maintenance, worked well into the night last night and were back before dawn this morning to get the flooring finished and to start on the cabinetry….

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Lunchtime on day six of Plymouth refurbishment as the floor is sealed

20th January 2018 | Heather Cresswell

  We now have a sealed floor which has been prepared for the new flooring. Once the flooring is fitted and sealed the cabinetry can be fitted. Dan Barnes and his team from DSB Maintenance are working very hard to complete the surgery. We can not wait to see what it looks like.  Progress over the week: Time…

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Progress is being made in our surgery refit in Plymouth

19th January 2018 | Heather Cresswell

Day five and it is all happening Today we have had the delivery of all of our dental units and worktops. Add to that the electrician Ross from DSB who has re-wired the room ready for the installation of the dental units. The plaster has nearly dried and a team will be in painting the…

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Tongue scraping – it makes a difference!

19th January 2018 | Vanessa Giraud

Tongue cleaning for fresher breath It’s a practice that’s been used for over 3,000 years but with our modern focus on cleaning teeth and gums, we’re neglecting our tongues. Yet tongue cleaning (or scraping) is a good way to get naturally fresher breath. These days, while we conscientiously brush and floss, many of us ignore…

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Plymouth’s new surgery takes shape on day four

18th January 2018 | Heather Cresswell

Day four and we are beginning to see our new surgery emerge. Dan Barnes and his team from DSB Maintenance continue to transform Surgery One. The plasterer was in last night, look at the lovely job he has done on those walls!   Take a look back at our previous posts, and you too can see…

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Day 3 of Surgery 1 refurbishment Plymouth

17th January 2018 | Heather Cresswell

Day three of our surgery refurbishment and we are starting to see a huge difference. The plasterboards are up and the plastering will be completed later on this afternoon. It is really beginning to take shape now.   Dan Barnes and his team from DSB Maintenance are working tirelessly to get the room prepared and ready for…

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Friends and Family Form online a success!

17th January 2018 | Vanessa Giraud

Each month, dental practices with an NHS contract return patient feedback to the NHS using a standard questionnaire. Patients state whether or not they would recommend the surgery to their family and friends. As we know, a recommendation is the best sort of reference! So that the administration team at SpaDental could gather patient feedback more…

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What a difference! Day 2 SpaDental Plymouth surgery refit

16th January 2018 | Heather Cresswell

Day two of our surgery refit, we can already see a difference. Dan Barnes and his team from DBS Maintenance are working hard to provide us with a very modern surgery for our patients. Take a look at the short video clip. We will keep you updated on our progress daily. Meanwhile, if you have…

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Time for a change at SpaDental Plymouth

15th January 2018 | Heather Cresswell

It is an exciting day here at SpaDental Plymouth as Dan Barnes, and his team from DSB Maintenance Group, have started the refurbishment of our largest surgery. This was the surgery first thing this morning before Dan and his team set to work.     The team are looking forward to watching it progress throughout the week and…

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‘Direct access’ to your dental therapist

15th January 2018 | Vanessa Giraud

Do your teeth feel fine, but perhaps not quite as clean as you’d like? Do you need a helping hand to get between the gaps, and make sure that there’s no plaque build up? Why don’t you call and make an appointment with your dental therapist? Patients now have direct access to dental hygiene services….

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It’s Friday! How to get a second date

12th January 2018 | Vanessa Giraud

The bad news? With bad breath, chances are tonight will be the first and last date We all have bad breath at some time or another, especially first thing in the morning, but for some of us it’s more of a persistent problem. Unfortunately, it’s not the sort of thing our friends will tell us…

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Here to support service veterans - SpaDental Plymouth

"This was my first dental appointment since leaving the Armed Forces 2 years ago, and having left it far too long I eventually thought I ought to try to get myself an NHS dentist. Recognizing the unique challenges that veterans face when they leave the military, Spa Dental's veterans policy enabled me to get an initial appointment and receive treatment as an NHS patient - exactly what I'd hoped for. The professionalism and friendliness of…

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"Absolutely delighted" with veneers - SpaDental Whitchurch, Shropshire

A glowing testimonial for Dental Surgeon - veneers SpaDental Whitchurch Shropshire. Veneers SpaDental Whitchurch Shropshire "Excellent treatment! Absolutely delighted! Dr Jindal replaced two veneers for me, providing throughout brilliant treatment. He advised me of the options for the veneers and I opted for the better quality ones. The whole process was methodical and precise, keeping me informed step by step during the whole procedure. Great attention to detail was given to myself and the implants…

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High praise for Lucy Smith and Maria Shrigley, Plymouth.

Dental Surgeon and her assistant are helping anxious patients to manage dental visits more easily. High praise for the team! We know that it can be hard for people to come in to see the dentist. Here's one message: "I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your care at my recent dental visit. Lucy, I know because of your care and attention to my needs I feel so much better attending an…

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A great dental service to Plymouth patients.

We really appreciate all the reviews we're getting from patients who visit SpaDental Plymouth. Your feedback helps us feel confident we give good advice and offer a great dental service to Plymouth patients. Thank you! Here are some recent reviews: These two reviews highlight the importance of regular examination of the soft tissues in the mouth. "I feel... grateful to [my dentist] for referring me to Derriford hospital for a lump to be removed from…

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Approval ratings are high for Ledbury! Thank you for your reviews.

At SpaDental Ledbury we're enjoying reading your reviews! In April, we asked you to share your experiences with us. We've been emailing our patients to ask you to fill in on-line forms so that we know how your appointments went. It's been heart-warming to read the kind things that you've said about us in your reviews. Thank you! Here are a few of the comments that we've received: "Very professional. Always polite and helpful. Easy…

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More Plymouth patient appreciation for SpaDental - thank you!

Since we piloted the online feedback form for Plymouth patient appreciation or dissatisfaction with our practice, we've had over 300 responses. Thank you so much for taking the time to submit your views. Our review rating of 4.7 stars (out of 5) highlights Plymouth patient appreciation for the work we do. We're smiling with pride, and happy that you're happy! Here are two recent reviews: "Fantastic experience - I was on the NHS waiting list for over…

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High praise for the Plymouth team

Earlier this week, one of our patients sent this lovely message to the Plymouth team. We really appreciate your praise! "I have been a patient at the Hyde Practice [SpaDental Plymouth] for some 46 years, so have seen many changes of staff etc. I have today, been compelled to email you as a result of my latest visit. Far too many people are quick to complain hence this email. I suffer a bit from arthritis. At…

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Nervous patients in Plymouth reassured

Our dental surgeon is expanding her list, so nervous patients in Plymouth can feel confident they will receive sympathetic, effective treatment. One of Lucy's patients had this to say: "I am extremely nervous/phobic when visiting a dentist. This was my first visit to SpaDental - I can honestly say I couldn't have been looked after better! From the receptionist to the nurse, to the dentist (Lucy) and the hygienist, everyone was so kind, gentle and…

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My Invisalign journey - a patient experience.

SpaDental patient, Laura tells us about her Invisalign journey and how it's going: Laura's Invisalign journey is easier than she'd expected! "I've always been paranoid about my front teeth. Whenever I went to smile I had my hands over my mouth, and I never felt confident in photos. I didn't think I could do anything with them. And I was over the moon when my dentist suggested it." Laura began her Invisalign journey with SpaDental…

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"Invisalign helped my confidence," our smiling patient says!

We'd like to share with you a really positive testimonial from one of our SpaDental Whitchurch patients. He recently finished his Invisalign treatment and feels confident with his new smile. 'When I was young I had metal braces and I didn’t want to have them again when most people my age don't. I'd heard Invisalign treatment was convenient and wouldn't affect the way I looked at all, so it sounded a good choice.  I work…

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