NHS alternatives at SpaDental

Thank you for visiting this page. To help clarify your choices, we have directed you here to help guide you through alternatives to NHS care.

At SpaDental, we value all of our patients and genuinely want to help you continue in good oral health. Therefore, we hope you will consider our alternatives for accessing cost-effective independent care so we can continue to treat you.

SpaDental Essentials (Plymouth)

What do you want from a dentist?

It’s important to consider how you’d like to access dental care, and your individual needs, before you come to a decision.
Here are three considerations:

Alternatives to NHS dental treatment

Please read on to learn more about our NHS alternatives. An increasing number of people are turning to independent dental care for the treatment they need as well as the wider range of treatments and quality materials.

You may choose to:

Your questions answered

We know you’ll have questions about your dental care options. Here we’ve anticipated some of the questions we think you may ask. We hope our answers are helpful.

Become independent

We understand that becoming independent (private pay-as-you-go or private plan patient) is an additional expense during these uncertain times. Yet we hope you will see it as an investment in your health for years to come.

Please consider the advantages of continuing with SpaDental Plymouth as an independent patient.

Join our SpaDental Plan

A reasonable alternative to the NHS is to subscribe to a dental plan that covers essential preventive care. For patients who wish to spread the costs of their annual dental care over twelve months, SpaDental offers a range of affordable options according to your oral health requirements.

If you decide to add your name to the centrally maintained NHS waiting list for our region, our understanding is that the wait may take over two years. While you wait to be allocated to an NHS dental practice, becoming a plan patient is a sensible alternative. This way you can maintain your oral health until you are able to resume NHS care.

SpaDental Essentials covers a specified number of preventive care appointments and offers discounts on routine restorative treatments. You may sign up for a renewable twelve month contract immediately, and have your first appointment after just three months. It is the best way to keep up-to-date with your oral health.

Please note:

Whether you are an NHS patient or a SpaDental patient, the only way to access cosmetic care treatments, and complex restorative work is on a pay-as-you-go basis.


Many patients choose to attend the dentist on a pay-as-you-go basis. Patients choose this option, because it is straightforward and allows choices.

Patients often choose to combine pay-as you-go treatment with a dental plan.

Re-apply for NHS care

You may wish to re-register yourself on the NHS dental waiting list. Unfortunately, we understand that the waiting time is currently in excess of two years and may well be over three years due.

While you wait, we recommend that you become a SpaDental Plan patient, to keep up regular dental care. Alternatively, you may make an appointment as a private patient when you need to.

Keep in touch

If you have not already let us know your preferred alternative to NHS care, please record your preference here.