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SpaDental values staff, and works with them to meet their needs, appreciating the time they dedicate to their work. We aim to be flexible and understanding to help you enjoy life as well as work.

Don’t miss this excellent opportunity to join a thriving group of dentists offering a high standard of care.

We’re hoping to find dentists to share and promote our vision. Dentists who will help the practices thrive.

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Hiring is an on-going process until we make an appointment. We recommend making an immediate application.

The ideal applicant will:

All applicants need to be willing to obtain:

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More about SpaDental

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Each SpaDental practice celebrates its own unique character, ethos and patient profile. Yet each practice also benefits from the professional support and guidance offered by the SpaDental Group Head Office. This means our dentists and dental staff can dedicate themselves to the work they trained for.

We believe being one of a team, brings out the best!

We pride ourselves on combining the friendliness of a local, patient-focused practice, with the professionalism and high standards of a quality dental care provider.

We invite dentists qualified overseas to get in touch too.

SpaDental is aware that talented dentists from around the world would like the opportunity to work in the UK.  We are actively inviting applications from overseas qualified dentists seeking employment in England.

We look forward to hearing from serious applicants and helping you with the application procedures.
Our aim is to guide and support candidates so they can work with us in the UK.

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