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NHS children’s appointments in Chard

Update – March 2023

So far this year we have had a terrific response from parents seeking to support their children’s oral health.  We have seen many new child patients,  have enjoyed very much. 

At the moment we’re sorry to let you know that we are at full capacity. We cannot register any more patients (private or NHS) until we find additional clinicians to join the team. 

If you’d like to join our waiting list we kindly ask you not to call the practice. Please use the contact form below to register your interest. Thank you!

two children happy about childrens day at SpaDental Chard

Positive action so children can access dental care

SpaDental Chard regularly hosts dedicated Children’s Days when we open up our books to children at school-friendly times. Our aim is to help children in our area visit the dentist regularly.

Join our waiting list!

Register your interest with SpaDental Chard for children’s NHS funded appointments, when available.

Meet dentist Karine Mota Faria

Dentist Karine believes that NHS access to dental care for children is especially important. It means a lot to her to spend the day with your children, helping them to have healthy teeth for life.

Preventive care for children is very important for their future. During the appointment, Karine will assess your child’s oral health, considering their dental development and risk factors that can cause dental decay. If she identifies a concern, she will prescribe further treatment (such as fluoride varnish, or a small filling) which one of our dental therapy or hygiene team will follow up on.

Helping children feel comfortable

Dedicated Children’s Days are all about helping children to feel relaxed when they visit the dentist. These days, an important part of a dentist’s training is learning how to help patients, whatever their age, feel relaxed and comfortable when they visit the dentist. For children, starting early is key. It also means that concerns are spotted early, helping prevent children needing more difficult treatments.

There are still too many children going to hospital for dental extractions under anaesthetic as a result of tooth decay. With regular checks and effective early intervention, most dental decay can be prevented.

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