Fee Guide

We believe it is important to be open and transparent about the cost of your treatment

The fee guide on this page is only a guide. Your clinician will provide you with full details of your treatment, including a written estimate of your costs. Should your treatment plan need to change, then your dentist will discuss and confirm alterations with you. Please note the treatments available and our fees vary by location.

We make it easier to pay for your dental care by offering a variety of payment options

Please contact your practice reception team who will be happy to give you specific information and details. They will be happy to answer your questions!

SpaDental Plans

The plans available vary by location, so please ask at your chosen practice for availability. The details below are here as a fee guide.

Essentials Plan

The focus of this plan is on prevention, covering your regular examinations (including routine x-rays) and hygiene appointments and hopefully reducing your need for additional treatment. Should you require some extra attention to your teeth, your plan entitles you to discounts on routine restorative treatments.

Full Care Plan

A choice of tiered plans covers preventative care as well as a broad range of restorative treatments. Fees are set in bands depending on your dental history and likely treatment needs. Your monthly fee is agreed with your Dentist following a detailed examination.

For your monthly fee you receive the following benefits:


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Interest-Free and Low-Cost Payment Options

For more extensive treatment plans, SpaDental can offer an interest-free payment option, or payments over an extended period. Please speak to a member of our team who will be happy to discuss your options with you.


NHS Fees

For more information please click here to access the NHS page. Or see the SpaDental NHS summary here.  

If you have any questions about the fee guide, please contact us.