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SpaDental Care Fees, Glastonbury

SpaDental Care is a tiered payment plan. It covers preventive care, moreover, it also covers a broad range of restorative treatments.
SpaDental Care fees are set in five bands. Your dental history, and the treatments you are likely to need, determine the band you are on. You agree to the monthly fee with your dentist after a detailed examination and assessment.

The advantages of joining SpaDental Care Glastonbury

A plan helps because it:

Patients often ask:

“Why do I need a dental plan?”

Joining SpaDental Care in Glastonbury can really help people who want to keep on top of their oral health. If you’ve had problems with you teeth in the past requiring restoration work, or you’ve needed periodontal treatment for your gums, you’ll want to prevent the same issues from recurring. Patients who have had treatments such as dental veneers or implants are usually advised to take out a dental care plan so the work stays in good condition for as long as possible.

As the focus of dental care nowadays emphasises preventive care, a dental plan is an excellent way to maintain your optimum oral health.

For your monthly payment you receive the following benefits:

SpaDental Care Fees Glastonbury 2022

Category A
Category B
Category C
Category D
Category E

SpaDental Care also includes Supplementary Insurance, which features worldwide dental injury and dental emergency cover.

Terms and conditions

Please note – it’s important to be aware of what is not included in the plan to avoid disappointment later.

SpaDental Care does not cover all the dental services you may need. Laboratory fees, cosmetic treatments such as tooth whitening or veneers, sedation, orthodontics, dental implants or specialist referrals are excluded.

During the assessment to determine your category, the dentist will explain any treatments necessary before you can register for SpaDental Care. This is because you must be dentally healthy. For example, if you have wisdom teeth that need removing, the procedure must be completed before you can sign up with SpaDental Care. Thereafter, your category is reviewed at stated intervals.

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This dental plan is facilitated by DPAS.

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