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Private Treatment Fees at Glastonbury

All patients receive a written estimate of their agreed treatment plan. The estimate summarises the dental issue, the proposed treatment, and the cost.

Private treatment fees at Glastonbury are payable:

Summary of the private treatment fees at Glastonbury

Indicative Treatment Fees

New patient emergency fee (treatment not included)£163.40
Emergency fee (registered patient, treatment not included)£71.50
Assessment and advice £71.50
New patient clinical examination (dentist) including 1/2 x-rays if needed£90.00
Clinical examination (dentist) excluding x-rays if needed£59.00
New patient clinical examination (therapist) including 1/2 x-rays if needed£78.60
Clinical examination (therapist) excluding x-rays if needed£52.00
Clinical examination (child) excluding x-rays if needed£32.70
Bitewing X-ray (each)£20.00
Small film (each)£20.00
Routine hygiene£90.00
Extensive hygiene£118.00
Application of fissure sealant from£36.40
Application of fluoride from£18.20
Glass ionomer filling from £95.00
Composite filling from£135.00
Amalgam filling from£115.00
Root canal treatment from £460.00
Apicectomy from£699.40
Crown from£655.00
Veneer from£605.00
Bridge from£1,183.50
Re-cement of crown/inlay/bridge from£125.90
Inlay from £455.00
Acrylic denture from£700.00
Addition to denture from £180.00
Reline to denture from£218.00
Repair to denture from£114.00
Chrome denture from£1351.00
Extraction from £165.00
Surgical extraction from£399.40
Study Model from£115.00
Temporary filling from£68.40
Prescription charge from£19.10
Gum shield from£148.90
Night guard from£148.90
Emergency splint from£169.50
Tooth whitening from£338.90
Missed appointment or late cancellation (charged per minute of the time booked)£1.50 / min
*Special introductory offer for a limited time / **Cost deducted from the total charge for patients who proceed with treatment
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Please note: the above fees are a guide only.

All patients should receive a written treatment plan showing the fees payable for the treatment proposed by your clinician.

Sometimes it is necessary to change a treatment plan during the course of treatment. If this is the case, your dentist will discuss any necessary changes to the plan with you. You will be asked to agree to the new fees before your treatment proceeds.

Contact the practice for further information about your payment options for private patient fees at Glastonbury.