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Note for NHS patients with booked examinations

We have sent you an SMS message to direct you to this page. Below, please find information for patients with an NHS dental examination booked at SpaDental Plymouth on a date after 14th March.

Your booked SpaDental Examination

I am writing to you because our records show you had an NHS dental examination booked at SpaDental Plymouth. As explained in an earlier email linked here, SpaDental Plymouth is now unable to treat you as an NHS patient.

Therefore, if you wish to attend your booked appointment as a private “pay-as-you-go” patient, there is a fee of £45.00.

If you have opted to become a SpaDental Plan patient for £14.87/month, there is a three-month waiting period before you can attend an appointment under the provision. Your options are to either attend the booked appointment as a private “pay-as-you-go” patient for £45.00, or reschedule your booked appointment.

If you have not yet considered alternative ways to access dental treatment you can find more information here.

To confirm or cancel your booked appointment

Please note:

If we do not hear from you, before 11th March, we will automatically cancel your appointment and you will not receive reminders to attend this appointment.

If you have any questions relating to your access to treatment at SpaDental, please do not call reception, but use the contact details as stated above or call 01752 825959.

Thank you

Staff at SpaDental are doing their best to provide the services they can under challenging circumstances and appreciate your understanding.