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Tooth Whitening at Ross on Wye

A great smile conveys so much:

    • happiness
    • confidence
    • good health
    • self-esteem
    • success

It’s no wonder patients often ask their dentists, “Can my teeth be whiter?” Fortunately, the answer is usually, “Yes!”

Whiter teeth help us to face the world with a confident smile, radiating good health and youthful energy. These days, we all want a smile that looks clean and fresh. A smile to reflect the pride we take in our own well-being.

Tooth whitening is, however, a treatment that requires proper consultation and professional expertise. Because it is a dental procedure, a qualified dental professional should always supervise whitening treatments.

The safer way to a sparkling smile.

In the right hands, tooth whitening is a safe cosmetic procedure to lighten and brighten our teeth. During our life, food, drink or even medications can cause yellowing. It is also simply one of the consequences of ageing. But professional tooth whitening can make our teeth look cleaner and fresher.

Our take-home tooth whitening treatment uses prescribed gels with customised mouth trays, so the results are much more effective than is possible with shop-bought kits. Because the mouth trays have a superior fit, the high-quality lightening gel has good contact with your teeth. The process usually takes two or three weeks, wearing the trays daily.

How tooth whitening helps

Tooth whitening treatment:

  • creates a more youthful looking smile
  • produces a noticeable change
  • can give quick results
  • is cost effective

Looking after your whiter teeth

Your teeth will stay whiter for longer if you brush them twice a day, floss regularly, and avoid food and drink that may cause staining.

Although results are long-lasting, they are not permanent. The good news is that your dentist can prescribe follow-up gel so you can freshen up your look again using your existing mouth trays.

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Indicative Treatment Fees

Tooth whitening from£338.90

Paying for your treatment options.

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