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Appointments at Saltash

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Thank you for making your appointments at Saltash!

We prioritise preventive care.

We encourage you to see us for regular check-ups and hygiene appointments at Saltash. If we see you often, we can detect and treat problems at an early stage, which saves you time and money as well as keeping you looking and feeling great!

Contact us to learn more about the full range of dental care options we offer.

From routine examinations and hygiene services to restorative and cosmetic treatments, SpaDental Saltash can help you to achieve your best smile. We believe everyone should feel happy when they smile. With good care and treatment, dental confidence can be a reality for everyone. Whether it’s a good clean and polish, orthodontic treatment or implants, our expert team can help you plan your smile and budget for your new look. As well as looking after your teeth and mouth, our range of treatments includes non-invasive facial aesthetics to rejuvenate your skin and appearance.

Our care is patient-focused.

As one of the SpaDental Group, we are a well-supported, regulated practice. Support from our head office means that our on-site team is entirely dedicated to your care.

Dental practices that are part of something bigger.

July, 2022

If you feel unwell, please get in touch before you come in for your appointment. One of our team will advise you.