Invisalign® Clear Braces at Wem

Clear braces move your teeth gently into their best position

Correctly spaced teeth make a difference because they:

  • function properly
  • are easier to keep clean
  • look balanced and youthful
  • boost confidence
  • make you feel good

Well-aligned teeth help balance the wear on our jaw, allow even chewing, and can even improve speech. Moreover, having straighter teeth can be a welcome confidence boost. Patients usually notice the difference even before the course of treatment is finished.

Who uses clear braces?

People often ask their dentists, “Is it too late for my teeth to be straightened?”  Fortunately, the answer is usually, “Yes, we can still do it!”

Clear braces have been a great success with people over eighteen who didn’t have their teeth straightened as teenagers. More and more teenagers are also opting for clear braces.

During an initial consultation, your dentist will:

  • answer your questions about clear braces,
  • assess your suitability and, if you decide to proceed,
  • develop a personal treatment plan.

Meanwhile, here are some answers to questions our patients often ask.

For discreet straightening

Clear aligners are a discreet orthodontic method featuring clear, customised aligners. Gentle pressure moves teeth to an improved position. Clear braces are a particularly adult-friendly way to correct misalignment as they are virtually invisible when fitted over the teeth. Made using advanced 3D technology, impressions and images taken of your teeth form the starting point to create a series of custom-made aligners. Each aligner is very slightly different. After using one aligner for a few weeks you move on to the next one in the series. Of course, your dentist will be checking progress at agreed intervals.

As you can take out invisible aligners, you can eat whatever you choose and clean your teeth normally. You can also remove them for any occasion you want to attend ‘aligner-free’. Clear braces are a particularly popular choice for teens and adults involved in sports, music or performing because you can take them out. For best results, however, wear the aligners 22 hours a day. Some aligners for teens now have coloured indicators, so it’s easy to check for wear.

How clear braces help

  • precise and predictable results
  • almost invisible
  • removable
  • no restrictions on what you can eat and drink

Looking after your teeth after treatment

After treatment, you will need to wear a retainer at night to ensure your teeth stay in their new, improved position.