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SpaDental Plymouth – Denplan Care or Essentials 2023

We have directed you to this page because you are a Denplan Care patient.  Please can you choose how you would like to proceed with your treatment provision from February 2023. Please fill in the form below to let us know your decision as soon as possible.

Your options:

Option 1 – Continue as a Denplan Care patient

From February 2023, all Denplan Care patient appointments will be booked to Tomson Thomas. If you wish to continue as a Denplan Care patient, then you will not be able to continue seeing the dentist you are currently registered with.

Tomson Thomas has been with SpaDental for over a year. Qualified as a dentist in 2016, he has now passed the challenging examinations all dentists from overseas must take to be registered as a dentist in England.

Option 2 – Stay with my current dentist

Patients who prefer to continue seeing their current dentist may, of course, do so. Please note, however, that you will need to cancel your Denplan Care Direct Debit payments.

Instead of Denplan Care, please consider becoming a SpaDental Essentials patient, which is a tiered preventive care option. It also includes a 10% discount on necessary restorative work and worldwide assistance.

Alternatively, you may book appointments as a ‘pay-as-you-go’ private patient, but we highly recommend joining the Essentials plan, for continuity and discounted care.

Let us know your decision

Please fill in the form below to let us know how you would like to continue.

To help us understand your choice:

No.8 “I would like to” – select the option “Ask something else.”

No.9 “Your question” – please write in the comment box one of the following:

Please add any additional comments or ask for further clarification in this space too.

We kindly ask you not to call the practice as team members on site will not be able to process your choices.

Thank you for your understanding.